Pax Customer Support


How is PAX’s oven lid secured?

PAX was designed with airflow in mind. The oven lid helps channel air by resting freely over the oven opening. Two neodymium magnets, the strongest type of permanent magnet made, ensures the oven lid stays securely in place. In addition, the lid is sub-flush with the bottom of the device so it won’t be knocked loose in your pocket or bag.

What is the best way to load PAX?

PAX is a conduction vaporizer, so you want to pack the oven firmly to maximize the surface area of your material. Packing your material firmly will greatly improving the quality and quantity of your vapor. If your material does not come pre-shredded, a hand grinder is recommended to get it into smaller pieces for a better pack.

Try this:
  • Break-up or grind your material into smaller pieces.
  • Fill your oven and pack firmly until is it is no less than halfway full.
  • Full is ok too!
  • Make sure no material is sitting above the top lip of the oven.
  • Replace your oven lid and you’re ready to PAX!

How long does PAX take to heat up?

PAX heats up and is ready to enjoy in as little as 30 seconds. Some factors that may affect your heat-up time include: selected temperature setting, the fullness of the oven and your environment’s ambient temperature. If it’s really cold outside, PAX may need an extra few seconds to get to the desired temperature.


What temperature is each heat setting?

PAX operates at three temperatures: 370℉ (low), 390℉ (medium), and 410℉ (high).

Watch this:

Will my PAX work in extremely cold weather conditions?

PAX will work in cold weather conditions above freezing temperatures. Keep PAX warm and dry when out and about in cold weather. Your pocket is a great place for PAX. If your PAX has been exposed to extremely cold temperatures for an extended time, try this:

  • Warm it up in your hands before attempting to turn it on.<
  • If PAX appears doesn’t turn on immediately, place your device on the charger for a couple minutes and try again.

What kind of heating element does PAX use?

Each PAX uses a proprietary, non-ceramic tuned thin film heater bonded to the laser-welded stainless steel oven, separate from the air path. PAX creates vapor through conduction as heat is transferred directly from the oven walls to your material.

Packing your material firmly in the oven will maximize the surface area. Drawing forcefully on PAX is not necessary to produce vapor - PAX does the work for you!

My mouthpiece seems to get hot when drawing on PAX

Even though your oven is hot, the mouthpiece is not. The mouthpiece for PAX, made from surgical-grade, high-heat-resistant plastic, does not really increase in temperature, at least not to any point that is noticeable by touch. Any heat you may experience is from the vapor you’re pulling directly from the oven. You can minimize the amount of heat coming in contact with your lips through a few minor adjustments:

Try this:
  • Place your lips over the opening of the mouthpiece and not in the opening.
  • Draw from PAX slowly. “Sip it, don’t rip it!” A gentle 2- to 3-second gentle draw before inhaling is sufficient to clear all the vapor in the oven chamber.

My PAX feels too hot to handle

There are many ways to enjoy PAX. Playing hot potato should not be one of them. The exterior shell is made of a bead blasted, anodized aluminum, specifically chosen by the PAX engineers because it’s great at absorbing and dispersing heat, especially when in contact with your hand. Plus, it looks nice and is made to last you at least 10 years!

Try this:
  • Turn on PAX and set it on a flat surface.
  • Green means go! As soon the LED turns green, wrap your hand around the shell.
  • You’ll immediately feel the heat dissipate on contact.

Vapor Path and Oven Cleaning Tips

Keeping PAX’s vapor path and oven clean ensures you have a great plooming session, every time. If residue is allowed to accumulate in these areas, you may find PAX taking longer to heat up and the draw becoming restricted.

  • To clean the vapor path, moisten a pipe cleaner with isopropyl alcohol and insert through the opening next to the temperature button. Be sure to give the pipe cleaner a quick shake before; a little bit of liquid goes a long way.
  • Gripping the pipe cleaner in the middle, right above the vapor path, will help keep the pipe cleaner from bending while dislodging the screen.
  • Once the screen is popped out, push the pipe cleaner back and forth. Repeat as necessary: you want to be able to see directly through the device.
  • ALWAYS make sure the oven is cool and the LED is displaying your current temperature setting before cleaning or packing it.
  • Like the screen, the oven walls may become discolored, but so long as you’re removing any buildup, the oven will heat up effectively.
  • >A Q-tip and/or paper-towel moistened with isopropyl alcohol are great for cleaning the oven. The more frequently you clean the oven, the easier it will be

What are the dimensions of the oven?

PAX’s oven measures 7/8” x 3/8” x 3/8.

Can I use liquids in PAX?

We strongly recommend not using PAX with extracts, oils, concentrates that have added liquids. These products can damage PAX and void the Ltd. 10 Year Warranty.

Things you shouldn’t try with PAX

Attempting to use PAX in any other way than described in your user guide or in our support page information may void your warranty. We can’t tell you everything you shouldn’t do, but here is a list of examples:

  • Do not drop, crush, bend, deform, puncture, shred, microwave, incinerate, paint, or insert anything other than the cleaning supplies provided by PAX into PAX.
  • Do not clean PAX other than as instructed by PAX.
  • Do not attempt to repair or modify a PAX yourself.
  • Do not use a non-PAX charger.

My temperature button is unresponsive

Buildup happens. The temperature button can sometimes get stuck when buildup accumulates.

Try this:
  • Lightly dampen a Q-tip with warm water and swab the area around the temperature button, as well as the button itself. This will free up buildup and restore functionality.
  • If this doesn't do the trick, you could also try using a very small amount of Isopropyl Alcohol in lieu of the warm water.

PAX is an electronic device, so please be extra careful when using liquids during cleaning. Moisture damage is not covered under the 10 Year Ltd Warranty.

If after giving it your best shot you are still unable to free the button of buildup, please contact the PAX Pros for further help by filling out our Support Request form.