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What are the Pax temperature settings?
How do I know how much battery life is left in Pax?

Do You Speak Pax?

The LED Indicator on Pax tells you everything you need to know when using your device. Whether you’re charging, cleaning or changing the temperature setting, the LED will blink, pulse, or shine a solid color at different times. Primary LED signals can be found in the User Guide in the Manuals section.

LED Indicator Guide

Power On - The LED will pulse purple for 30 seconds and then turn green when the oven reaches your desired temperatures setting.

Standby - A blue LED indicates standby when Pax is motionless for 30 seconds.

Battery Levels - Shake Pax to check your battery level: red blinks = less than 10%, yellow blinks = less than 80%, green blinks = 80% - 100%

Charging - Pax will shine orange while charging and will turn green when your battery reaches at least an 80% charge.


When I turn PAX on, I see solid Yellow, Orange or Red instead of Purple or Green

PAX is displaying your current temperature setting -- this means the internal sensor inside PAX that detects whether or not your mouthpiece is inserted, is having a bit of trouble reading the mouthpiece as being in the “ON” position. The sensor then tells your PAX to stop heating, just in case you’re cleaning your device.

When the sensor isn’t detecting your mouthpiece, PAX’s mouthpiece lubricant is the answer. The lubricant cleans the internal sensor and helps prevent build-up. The lubricant should be applied after each cleaning when it gets wiped away.

Regularly soaking the mouthpiece in isopropyl alcohol and applying mouthpiece lubricant is one of the best ways to ensure your PAX continues to perform in top vape-shape.

Try this:

Before contacting PAX Support, soak your mouthpiece and apply mouthpiece lubricant per our instructions. You should be back to plooming in no time!

Read this:

Mouthpiece Lubricant application instructions

Running low?

Order PAX mouthpiece lubricant directly through our web store.

How to Apply PAX Lubricant

If you still have trouble:

Please send us a support request.

When I turn PAX on, the LED blinks and shuts itself off

PAX is smart and is programmed to display different signals via the LED to let you know what it’s doing. When PAX’s battery is discharged and needs to be recharged, the LED will blink red three times and power down.

If you are seeing a series of blinking lights other than an discharged-battery indication, followed by the device powering down, please send the PAX Pros a Support Request for further troubleshooting. Include details such as the number and color of blinks, which will be helpful in finding a quick solution for you!

My PAX LED blinks on the charging dock

Think of the LED on PAX as its health meter. If your PAX LED is blinking green when placed on the charging dock, it may be an indication that some moisture is trapped in the internal components of your PAX. Sometimes a bit too much isopropyl alcohol or mouthpiece lubricant used during cleaning can cause this, so we always advise that a little goes a long way!

Try this common trick for electronic devices when exposed to moisture: put your PAX in a sealed container of dry white rice for at least 24 hours to absorb any moisture trapped inside PAX. Leave the oven lid and mouthpiece on the device. The rice serves as a natural desiccant and should draw the moisture out.

If this remedy proves unsuccessful, or if your PAX LED is showing any other irregular indications while charging, please send the PAX Pros a Support Request for technical help.

My PAX LED does not light up on the charger.

  • First double-check to see that the cable is plugged in properly to the charge platform and outlet.
  • If you have not already, please ensure your device is making a good connection by lightly cleaning the contacts on the device and prongs on the charging base.
  • We recommend using a Q-tip dipped in isopropyl alcohol to clean these areas.
  • Wiggle PAX around a bit on the charger to see if it makes a connection, or try placing it on the platform facing the other way.
  • Also, try charging the device after you've removed the mouthpiece.
  • Test another PAX charger if you have one available.

If you continue to have problems charging your PAX, please send the PAX Pros a Support Request.

Tell me about standby mode.

Your PAX has an on-board accelerometer (motion sensor). If the device sits still for 20 seconds, it goes into standby mode: a lower heat setting around 300F signaled by a pulsing blue LED. This feature saves your battery life and any material in your oven if you walk away.

Pick the device up or move it around and it will heat up to the last temperature setting selected. If PAX sits still for 3 minutes, it will automatically shut off. A bumpy car ride is enough motion to keep the device awake.

I removed my PAX mouthpiece and the LED showed that it was heating up

PAX is designed to heat up only when the sensor knows the mouthpiece is in the ON position. Sometimes if there is build-up blocking the sensor, it will have a hard time reading that the mouthpiece is removed, the LED will pulse purple to solid green and the oven will heat up.

Try this: When the mouthpiece is removed, always be sure to check that the LED Indicator is displaying your current temperature setting and not purple or green. You can easily reset your PAX by pushing the temperature button. You’ll then see your current temperature setting displayed and the oven will begin to cool.

If you notice this after cleaning your PAX, or if there’s a lot of moisture or lubricant on the metal stem of your mouthpiece, we suggest attempting to dry out your PAX a little more. Use a pipe cleaner to wipe away the excess moisture on the outside and inside the opening of the metal stem and ensure the vapor path and oven are completely dry.

Did you know?
  • You can charge your PAX with the mouthpiece removed.

If you still have an issue please send the PAX Pros a Support Request including as many details as possible.

The LED is rapidly flashing through every color!

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