Pax Customer Support


Do I need to create an account to use PAX apps?

No. Basic features like PodID, device controls, and more are available without an account. Advanced features like Pod History and Favorites, require an account. You will be prompted to log in or create an account when attempting to use these features.

I’m not able to log in, help!

If you didn’t receive an email to reset your password or verify your account, check your spam folder as your email provider may have flagged it as such. If you still don’t see an email, ensure the email address is being spelled correctly on the password reset request.

Still not able to log in? Submit a support request here and we can help.


Find your missing PAX devices using the PAXFinder feature, available in the PAX Web App and PAX Mobile App for Android.

When you enable PAXFinder, you’ll be able to see the last known connected location of your PAX 3, Era, or Era Pro device on a map. This is available in both the mobile and web apps.

Additionally, when using Era Pro with the PAX Mobile App for Android, Beacon will help you to pinpoint your device’s exact location. You can even turn on the vibration or LED lights to help you in your search, as well as activate the device lock.

What are Dynamic Modes for PAX 3?

Dynamic Modes for PAX 3 are available in the PAX Mobile and Web Apps. These modes change how the PAX 3 reacts to events like sensing your lips or entering stand by mode to add additional customization to your sessions.

What features are available with my device and pod combination?


PAXSmart Pod

Classic Pod

Era Pro

  • Auto PodID
  • ExpertTemp
  • Manual temperature adjustment
  • Save preferred temp to pod
  • Manual temperature adjustment
  • Manual PodID


  • Manual temperature adjustment
  • Manual PodID
  • Manual temperature adjustment
  • Manual PodID

*PAXsmart pods can be identified by a red band below the mouthpiece. PAXSmart pods are required for advanced pod features.

PAX Web App

How do I pair my device with the web app?

Pairing is easy. Follow these simple steps:

1 - Select your device from the available options. 

2 - Enter the device serial number if prompted. Click “Connect”.

3 - A Bluetooth dialog will appear. Select your device from the list and click “Pair"

How do I add additional devices to the web app?

To save your device and add additional devices for your profile, you must be logged in. Once logged into an account, follow these steps to add a new device:

1. Navigate to “My PAX”, then “My Devices”

2. Click the Plus sign to open the Add Device dialog box

3. Enter the serial number if prompted and click “Enter”

4. Follow the on screen prompts to complete the pairing process, as you did with the previous device.

Connectivity issues on MacOS Big Sur

We’re monitoring reports of Mac OS Big Sur users experiencing connectivity issues with some bluetooth devices. For now, resetting your Bluetooth module may help.

To reset the Bluetooth module:

  1. Press and hold the Shift + Option (Alt) keys and then click on the Bluetooth icon generally located in the macOS menu bar or control center. Then hover the mouse over Debug and click “Reset the Bluetooth module.”
  2. Restart your Mac.

How can I access the PAX Web App?

The PAX Web App can be found here. Please note that there are different compatibility requirements depending on your OS, browser and which PAX device you have. Please see below to know which devices, OS’s, and browsers are compatible.

Era Pro - Chrome and Edge on Windows
Era - Pairing only on Mac in Chrome (Windows users can still browse pods in Chrome, Edge)
PAX 3 - Pairing only on Mac in Chrome

What are the requirements to connect my device to the PAX Web App?

The PAX Web app is compatible with MacOS and Windows using the Chrome browser. Please note that not all Operating Systems and browsers will be compatible. While limited features of the app are available on most platforms and browsers, such as Explore Pods, the table below will tell you what is required to connect and control your PAX device






No Device Connection

All Features

All Features


No Device Connection

All Features

All Features

Era Pro

All Features

All Features

All Features

How do I reset my password?

If you’ve forgotten your password, click the “forgot password” link at the log in screen to reset your password

If you’re logged in, and would like to update your current password, you can do so by clicking on “My PAX” to the left, then clicking “Account Settings”.

PAX Mobile App for Android

How can I access the PAX Mobile App for Android?

The PAX Mobile app can be downloaded via Google Play. Click here to view PAX Mobile in the Play Store. There is no PAX Mobile App available for iPhone at this time

How do I add additional devices to the Mobile App?

Tap My Devices from the profile screen

Select “add a device” and follow the prompts

Why do I need to grant location permissions on Android devices?

We completely understand your privacy concerns around sensitive information such as location. Unfortunately, it’s been an Android system requirement since 2015 that all apps that use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology obtain location permissions from the user, regardless of whether or not the app actually checks or records the user’s location (developer guide here and ticket here if you’d like to read more about this). Currently, the only part of the app that accesses your location is PAXFinder, which starts off disabled by default for all users, and it is entirely up to you whether or not you choose to enable it for each device. 

Additionally, Google announced a new change this spring that should allow some apps that pair with companion devices to not require fine location permissions for phones running Android 8 and up. We are looking into whether this is a good option with our devices, and hope to have this available for our users in the future!

What devices connect with PAX Apps?

PAX 3, Era, and Era Pro feature Bluetooth connectivity and will pair with PAX Apps. PAX 2 and Era Life do not have Bluetooth capability and will not pair with our apps.


How do I access the PAX App using my iPhone?

Accessing the PAX App on your iPhone is simple two step process.

First, you'll need a specific browser. Download the Connect Browser using this link . This browser is required to connect your PAX with your iPhone.

Once installed, open the Connect Browser and navigate to

To view more detailed instructions for iOS, click here .

I'm getting a "Navigation Error"

If you see "Navigation Error" while using the Connect Browser, simply dismiss the message by swiping down from the middle point of your screen. If that still doesn't resolve the issue, follow these steps:
  1. Force Quit​ Connect Browser
  2. Open Connect Browser and navigate directly to
  3. Follow the on screen prompts to pair or connect your device.

I'm having difficulty pairing my PAX device with my iPhone

If you're having trouble pairing your PAX device with your iPhone, please ensure you are accessing the PAX App from the Connect Browser​, available in the App Store.
Next, please ensure you are entering pairing mode on your PAX device by shaking it until the LED lights flash an alternating blue pattern. Note that when shaking your battery level is displayed first. Continue shaking from here to pair.
Finally, The Connect Browser requires Bluetooth permissions to function. The first time you open the Connect Browser, you will be prompted to allow the app access to Bluetooth. This is required for connecting your PAX device. If you decline this prompt or need to re-enable this permission, follow these steps:
  1. Open the settings app
  2. Scroll down to your installed apps, and select Connect Browser
  3. Ensure that Bluetooth Access switch is toggled on