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We are PAX. We are PAX.

Our name means peace. Literally Our name means peace. Literally

Our Mission
Bring the best out of the flower
Our communities rely on cannabis for their well-being, so we work every day to bring the best out of the flower so it can bring the best out of us.

We believe pure cannabis can help everyone live a more flowerful life.
flower plant
What we do
Devices, consumables, experiences
High quality flower gives high quality experiences. This simple ethos is baked into every PAX product. It fuels our tireless innovation and our respect for the timeless benefits of cannabis.

It's why PAX devices heat and never burn so every session, every time, is true-to-flower. And it's why PAX consumables are made with all-natural, 100% cannabis.

Because pure flower brings pure joy.
PAX devices
Social Reform, Safe Access, Sustainability
PAX is all about celebrating the pure joy of flower. But we cannot overlook some of the sobering aspects of our industry.

Our products are diligently crafted to protect the pure essence of the plant. And we place the same, intentional focus on protecting the integrity of our industry.

That's why PAX proudly stands for Social Justice, Safe Access, and Sustainability in cannabis.
PAX Advocacy