The Era Collection

Our award-winning cannabis oil vaporizer devices make enjoying the flavors of natural cannabis simple, allowing for discreet consumption at home or on the go.

Rest easy as our design and quality standards allow for the safest vaporization of cannabis on the market, with vapor always free from harmful heavy metals, toxins, and combustion byproducts.

Our pods feature food grade materials tested to medical standards and certified free from contaminants.

Era Life vs. Era Pro

Era Life

Era Pro

On-Demand Draw

Instant on, no button necessary

Low Heat Technology

For a much safer, full-flavor, never burnt experience without compromise

Long Lasting Battery Life

At least 150 draws for Era Life and 250 for Era Pro

Simple Flavor and Vapor Settings

Just use your pod to switch between 4 temperature settings for best flavor and vapor

1-Year Limited Warranty

Not that you’ll need it


Find the right color to match your vibe

Era Pod Compatibility

Any pod you buy will work with either Era device

PAX App Connectivity

For advanced controls, experiences, and recommendations

Dose Control

For predictable, full-flavored hits

Find Your Device

Misplaced your device? Find it using the app

Oil Transparency

Pop in a pod for detailed profile of the oil and customized settings

Child Lock

Lock your device so only you can use it

Low Pod Alert

Never get caught without oil