Putting ‘Intuitive’ Back Into Intuitive Design
Putting ‘Intuitive’ Back Into Intuitive Design
Ploom is well-known for its simple, intuitive product design. From our premium Pax loose-leaf vaporizer to our innovative modelTwo tobacco pod system, Ploom strives to create innovative products that give consumers an effortless user experience.

But as Ploom Co-founder and CEO James Monsees explains in his latest article featured on UX Magazine, creating such intuitive products is much easier said than done:
“Intuitive” has become such a trendy word—especially in the realm of experience design—that we’re tempted to use it for everything. Unfortunately, overuse reduces its significance and renders it meaningless. When you claim a product is intuitive and it’s not, people won’t believe your claims when your next product comes out.

Design is about intent—practical problem solving. Intuitive products should be about making the interface easy to understand without explanation. Using it should just “feel right,” and if it doesn’t, you shouldn’t be using the word “intuitive” to describe it. It’s all about trust and following through on your promises."
Read the full article on UX Magazine here.

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