Pax $100K Veterans Pledge

PAX Labs Celebrates Veterans Month with $100K Pledge To

The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA)


PAX Labs Partners with Veteran-Owned LEVEL Blends, Gold Leaf SF to Benefit the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA)


San Francisco, CA -- November 12, 2018 - - PAX Labs, Inc., a leading consumer technology brand in cannabis, today announced a pledge supporting our nation’s heroes, through a sponsorship commitment of $100,000 to the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA).


Throughout the month of November, PAX will spotlight cannabis as a force for good, partnering with veteran-owned companies LEVEL Blends and Gold Seal SF, as well as the Cannabition Museum in Las Vegas, to support the veterans’ community.


PAX is helping shape the conversation about cannabis as a positive resource for veterans -- showcasing the importance of programs that educate and provide resources for veterans and veteran-owned businesses. Advocating for greater accessibility to cannabis, creating jobs within the industry and supporting veteran-ownedbusinesses are amongst the company’s top priorities.


“We have tremendous respect for those who serve their country, and we acknowledge the responsibility we have to promote the happiness, economic success and overall well-being of our veterans.” said Bharat Vasan, CEO, PAX. “We especially want to thank our partners, LEVEL Blends and Gold Seal SF, both veteran-owned businesses, for joining us and caring so deeply about this cause.”


“Veterans have consistently and passionately communicated that cannabis helps them address a variety of issues,” commented Paul Rieckhoff, Founder and Executive Director of IAVA. “Bringing the conversation about cannabis out of the shadows and getting veterans the access they deserve is vital. PAX has shown strong support for our mission, and we are thankful for their efforts. We look forward to continuing our work with PAX and to improving the dialogue with state and federal governments and get veterans the access they need to cannabis.” 


Pay It Forward

PAX, alongside partners LEVEL Blends and Gold Seal SF, is making a donation to IAVA through a limited-edition “Pay it Forward” pod release.  These two veteran-owned-and-operated companies share in PAX’s belief that veterans deserve better access to cannabis than is currently available to them. Paring LEVEL Blends’ development of unique and rare cannabinoids to create custom cannabis experiences, Gold Leaf SF’s boutique and locally-driven cultivator understanding, and PAX’s advanced technology with temperature controls for the perfect vaporization experience and flavor profiles, the “Pay it Forward” pod will offer a 1:1 CBD/THC ratio formulated with the needs of the veterans’ community in mind. The “Pay it Forward” pod retails at $40.00, with all proceeds benefiting IAVA, and is available wherever LEVEL Blends pods are sold.


PAX Labs Giving Tree at Cannabition Museum in Las Vegas

Consumers can also join PAX in supporting IAVA by pledging their donation via The Giving Tree at the Cannabition Museum in Las Vegas, which gives consumers an immersive experience into the world of cannabis through art and culture. To engage the cannabis community in a way that directly supports veterans, PAX is matching all Giving Tree donations during November.


November 8 IAVA Heroes Gala in New York City

Rounding out the program, PAX joined IAVA at the 12th Annual IAVA Heroes Gala, an event where cannabis and veteran issues were front and center. This kick-off event commenced a partnership that will drive awareness for cannabis and veteran education by developing resource programs, aiding in research surrounding cannabis as a viable source of relief for veterans, and advocating for policy change surrounding the availability of cannabis for veterans.



About PAX Labs, Inc.

Founded in 2007 and spun off into an independent company from JUUL Labs in 2017, the company is a leader in the design and development of premium cannabis vaporization technologies and devices. Headquartered in San Francisco, PAX has revolutionized the industry through innovation and product design. PAX has sold over one million PAX devices in the flower vaporizer category and introduced PAX Era, a connected, app-driven pod system for concentrates, in September 2016. For more information, please visit


About IAVA

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) is a leading global organization for veterans’ advocacy and support. Founded by Iraq veteran Paul Rieckhoff in 2004, IAVA fights for veterans. Hard. IAVA is the tip-of-the spear, not-for-profit engine of impact that connects, unites and empowers over 400,000 veterans and allies nationwide. IAVA organizes locally and drives historic impacts nationally.


About LEVEL Blends

Level Blends is a cannabinoid company that facilitates custom cannabis experiences for patients and consumers. Developed and manufactured in San Francisco, LEVEL’s products are founded in unique and rare cannabinoids. This approach allows individuals to discover the untapped potential of cannabis. LEVEL’s mission is to create the toolkits needed to embark on an individual cannabis journey.


About Gold Seal SF

Gold Seal SF provides a variety of boutique, exotic strains of flower for the cannabis connoisseur. Gold Seal believes that exceptional flowers come from the healthiest plants.


About Cannabition Museum

Cannabition Museum, the world’s only immersive, cannabis-themed attraction of its kind, is located in downtown Las Vegas. Its exhibits comprise elaborate, cannabis-inspired installations built by leading experiential exhibit and event designers. Cannabition offers audiences an entertaining, educational and photogenic journey through 12 “Instagrammable” exhibits, providing unique opportunities to interact with cannabis history, science, wellness and culture.

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