Considering she cites Durban Poison and Green Crack as two of her favorite strains, it should come as no surprise that cann-tent creator Makayla Olford’s vibe can be best described as uplifting. Whether she’s living down under or living under lockdown, this Sativa Diva brings light and positivity wherever she goes.

As the soft clicks of the camera mingle with the vocal stylings of Chloe Bailey in the background, Makayla walks us through her journey to becoming a cannabis influencer. 

“It’s kind of funny,” she laughs, “I used to be an assistant director in film and television. That was in Australia, and I came out here to do that. I came out here three days before the lockdown and all of my connections were Australian and had moved back to Australia because they were locking down the border. So I was just like, ‘Well shit, what do I do now?’”

Where others saw a setback, Makayla saw an opportunity. She continues, “It was locked down and I just started posting videos of me smoking. Because I finally was in a legal state where I could actually smoke cannabis and be open about it. So, I started posting videos, and then it just kind of took off. Yeah. And now I'm, like, fully in it.”

Although new to the business side of the cannabis space, Makayla has still dealt with her fair share of professional challenges in the industry. She explains, “I'm on my second Instagram page. My original cannabis one got disabled, and I'm scared that this one's gonna get disabled as well. I think right now, that's the one thing everyone is really nervous about. You just, you work so hard on these pages and then Instagram will be like, ‘No!’ So, right now it's really hard to just find your space.”

She doesn’t quite see it for what she believes to be a double standard on social media platforms. “What's acceptable? What's not acceptable?You see people drinking wine the whole time and promoting it, which is fine, but I can't promote a wake and bake? What?!” 

Rather than be bogged down by these frustrations, the ever effervescent Makayla sees them as learning opportunities for a future that’s more accepting: in and of the industry. 

Speaking of the future of cannabis, “I would love for it to be not as regulated,” she says. “I want cannabis to be for people 21 and over and not so regulated. I just want it to be a bit more mainstream, I guess. Palatable for everybody. Not just stoners.”

For this stoner, representation is another important place she would like to see progress as the industry matures. For her, “It needs to be a lot more diverse. That's kind of another reason why I wanted to start my Instagram. Cause I know I don't look like that typical stoner, you know? I need people to see that stoners look, I don't know. They look like Black women. Yeah. Black women that are like not struggling or going through anything. We just like to smoke.”

According to Makayla, the idea of “more flowerful” is, “A strong sativa,” she giggles. “A strong indica makes me more flowerful. The first thing I think of is just like shining. Shining, giving beauty and being just light and free and easy. That's what flower brings to me when I think of it.” “My most flowerful moments occur when I wake up and wake and bake first thing in the morning.” Talk about the breakfast of champions. 

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Photography: Jessica Miller

Agent: Dara Siegel

Hair & Makeup: Shideh Kafei

Wardrobe: Ashley Guerzon

Props Stylist: Shelby Kay

Production: Shabnam Azadeh 


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