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Ever since it was first released at the 2018 Central Valley High Times Cannabis Cup, Wifi Mints has been a popular cannabis strain. This cultivar is relatively new, but it's quickly picked up a lot of fans due to its intensely minty scent. If you love fresh, herbal aromas and powerful sensations, give PAX's Wifi Mints live rosin a try.

Wifi Mints Oil Extract

Wifi Mints, aka White Fire Mints, is a beloved cannabis strain due to its ability to provide Indica-dominant effects moderated by light Sativa results. With a minty flavor and subtle sweetness, this cannabis is a must-try. There are many ways to enjoy this designer cannabis strain, but one of the most popular is oil extracts. Oil extracts are concentrated liquids that contain all of cannabis' appealing compounds in an easy-to-use form.

We make our concentrates by collecting the sticky hairs on the outside of the cannabis plant. These hairs, known as trichomes, come with helpful compounds. The exact chemical makeup of the Wifi Mints oil extract depends on what sort of extract you select. Some versions primarily contain the psychoactive THC cannabinoid, while others also contain calming CBD and flavorful terpenes. THC levels can vary from around 30% to 90%.

There are a lot of reasons that people use the oil extract from Wifi Mints instead of dried cannabis. Oils are more shelf-stable, so they can work great even after quite a while. Another benefit is that THC levels for concentrates tend to be more strictly controlled.[2] You can take exactly the amount you want, so you get your preferred range of effects. Another big benefit of extracts is that they work with a variety of vaporizer types. Many extracts work with vaporizers like PAX Era, so you can enjoy your cannabis on the go.

PAX Wifi Mints Live Rosin Pods

To create our Wifi Mints live rosin pods, PAX uses the latest extraction technology. The Wifi Mints extracts use a special process that maximizes flavor and intensity. We start by collecting the freshest Wifi Mints buds and flash-freezing them. Using fresh cannabis instead of dried ensures that a full range of terpenes ends up in the extract. To concentrate the cannabis into an easily vaporized form, we use a blend of high heat and pressure. Our live rosin process is completely solvent-free, so you don't need to worry about any chemicals ending up in your pod.

Wifi Mints live rosin pods are compatible with all of our oil extract vaporizers. This makes them a fast and easy way to enjoy all that Wifi Mints has to offer. The lightweight cartridges quickly click into place on options like our PAX Era Pro. This lets you taste the creamy, minty Wifi Mints with a simple inhale. Whether you want to sit back and watch a movie or go for a walk in nature, your PAX vaporizer is convenient, discreet, and easy to use.

Wifi Mints Strain Characteristics

Wifi Mints are a bright green color and are fat, rounded buds. It gets its name from the parent strains. The cannabis cultivar is a combination of White Fire 43 and Animal Mints. From the Wifi 43 side, it gets high levels of THC and Indica-dominant effects. The Animal Mints side of its heritage provides a minty flavor with a sweet aftertaste. These flavors become more intense thanks to a signature combination of limonene and caryophyllene terpenes.

The dried version of this herb has a THC content of roughly 19% and 1% CBG. When concentrated in PAX live rosin, this creates a strong cannabis extract. PAX's Wifi Mints pods have 85% THC, so it's one of our more intense cannabis offerings. Due to the strain's Indica heritage, it creates warm, full-body sensations. Though it is technically an even-balanced hybrid, almost no Sativa effects occur. Most users don't experience any strong cerebral effects, but some do report feeling the giggliness common with Sativas. This strain creates a relaxing, dreamy effect that's popular among those looking for a calming cannabis experience. Many users report that they like using this strain to unwind after a long day of work or to enhance the experience of a delicious meal.

Strain Flavors & Aromas

As you can probably tell from the strain's name, the dominant flavor note is mint. This strain has a cool, refreshing scent that smells like a freshly picked mint leaf. Its mintiness leans towards the sweet side instead of the spicy, so some users report that it tastes similar to peppermint candy. The mint notes are particularly strong on the exhale, and there is a lingering, minty aftertaste.

The strain's aromas are often described as "creamy" due to the smoothness of this flavor. In addition to mint, many people notice some fruity and earthy scents. Wifi Mints' dominant terpene is limonene, so there can be a few light fruity smells.[5] It also has some prominent notes of kush, so the signature cannabis flavor isn't completely drowned out by the mintiness.

Interested in seeing what flavors you can discover in the Wifi Mints strain? Try loading a pod into your PAX Era. Our live rosin pods combine ultimate freshness with convenience. Check the PAX store locator to find a retailer with live rosin pods near you.

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