Time Loves Era Pro

A mere three days after launch, TIME named Era Pro one of the 25 Best Products of CES 2020. CES is the world’s biggest consumer electronics show. The show debuts gadgets from the largest brands to the smallest startups, from cars to cameras to robots. It’s actually a challenge for cannabis brands to get recognition because we can’t show our wares on the main floor, so to be selected is incredible.

Each year, TIME does “the hard work for you to find the most intriguing and exciting gadgets of CES, from accessories you can buy right now to concept devices charting the future of the industry.” Here's what TIME said about Era Pro: “Pax’s newest take on its pocket-friendly vaporizer puts more power in the hands of the consumer, keeping them informed and safe when it comes to cannabis consumption. Thanks to its new NFC-equipped pods, the Pax Era Pro can share data like strain information, oil content, and state-required test results to your smartphone, providing peace of mind and a more user-friendly experience.”

Have you tried Era Pro yet?

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