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The Rituals: Anni at PAX
The Rituals: Anni at PAX

 We ask members of our community about their essentials

Anni is the Senior Copywriter & Content Strategist at PAX. Previously, she held editorships at Vogue and Russh, and worked at advertising agencies. Anni’s favorite interview was with the Wu-Tang Clan.

Your favorite time to use your PAX 3? Saturday afternoons easing into the evenings. 

What does your session entail? My favorite ritual while we’re all sheltering in place includes having a few sips then spending hours pouring over magazines, my art books, reading, and seeking visual inspiration. 

Favorite strain? Lamb’s Bread for a light, happy energy. 

Favorite PAX 3 setting? Flavor mode, always. 

Favorite munchie? Guac and corn chips - my forever munchies.

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