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PAX Labs Unveils Innovative My Pods App Features
PAX Labs Unveils Innovative My Pods App Features



New Technology Empowers Consumers with Ratings, Reviews, and Enhanced Exploration of Favorite Cannabis Pods


SAN FRANCISCO — Today PAX Labs announced the launch of My Pods, a new PAX App feature that empowers consumers to better manage their cannabis journey. Recognized by Fast Company for innovation in user experience for the award-winning ERA PRO™ cannabis vaporizer, PAX Labs is known for delivering transparent, predictable and enjoyable consumer experiences.


As the audience of the cannabis consumer and their preferences continue to evolve, so grows the demand for exploration and discovery across new cannabis products, strains, and experiences. But the ultimate challenge remains: how do you keep track of what you’ve tried, how you experienced it, what you liked and what you didn’t, and use it to inform future purchasing decisions?


My Pods is the newest feature from PAX Labs for PAX App users, and it empowers customers with all of this and more, including the ability to rate new discoveries, add notes and strain effects, and revisit their favorite, trusted experiences. Everyone’s cannabis experience is unique, and the My Pods feature revolutionizes consumer education around specific products and their highly personalized effects. 



Pod Ratings

With more than 2,600+ pods for PAX Era and Era Pro on the market — and over 16,000 new pod ratings since the feature soft launched 3 weeks ago — consumers can now keep track, favoriting pods they love and saving pods they want to try. Consumers can rate each pod on an easy five star scale to remember their favorites and the ones that made them feel just right.


Strain Effects & Notes

Beyond just a rating, consumers can add perceived effects, including hustle, celebrate, chill and create.  They can track how they experienced different strains, terpenes and cannabinoids and jot down additional notes — like where they bought it, what they were doing while consuming or what foods they paired it with — to capture past and inform future cannabis experiences.


Pod History

Consumers can view their pod history, recalling what they’ve tried and loved in the past. PAXSmart™ pods will automatically populate in the app and classic Era™ pods can be manually selected and saved. Additionally, consumers can view all the way down to a detailed usage history if they choose to track, including time of recent sessions and which pods they’ve enjoyed on repeat.



The My Pods feature is now included with the PAX App, available on Android or web. For MacOS and Windows users, visit


Headquartered in San Francisco, PAX Labs™ is the leader in premium cannabis vaporizer technology, with award-winning devices for both oil concentrates and flower. Counting over 2 million devices sold, PAX Labs has revolutionized the consumer experience through innovation and product design that takes the guesswork out of cannabis and delivers quality, safety and predictability. PAX Labs is committed to its mission of establishing cannabis as a force for good. PAX Labs does not manufacture, produce or sell cannabis. For more information, visit



Laura is Senior Director of Communications & Public Affairs at PAX
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