PAX Labs™ Introduces New Era Life™ Compact Cannabis Vaporizer

Era Life is the Simplest, Most Accessible Entry into the Best Cannabis Experience


SAN FRANCISCO—March 30, 2021—PAX Labs today announced the launch of Era Life, the newest addition to the PAX® Era™ family of award-winning cannabis vaporizer devices. Created for the on-the-go consumer, Era Life delivers the most effortless, easy to use experience without compromising on full flavor, vapor or consistency. The beautifully designed Era Life brings together a high performing battery with PAX’s most compact device yet. Era Life works with any PAX Era pod, featuring curated, high-purity cannabis, produced by one of PAX’s carefully selected partners across the country. Era Life is available in four new vibrant colors including Onyx, Grass, Blaze, and Indigo.

“We designed the Era Life to provide a simple, fun way to enjoy cannabis while still carrying the PAX promise of iconic design and enduring quality that our customers have come to know and trust,” said Colt Stander, Head of Product at PAX Labs. “Cannabis is one of today’s fastest growing industries and we’re seeing new consumers enter the space rapidly. We’ve taken the best PAX has to offer, perfected the core functionality, and packaged it up in our most portable design yet—perfect for those who want the easiest possible experience but still care about durability, aesthetics, and safety in the products they use.” 



Easy to use, for the simplest experience.

Era Life is ready to go at any moment. Instant on means it doesn’t need to be turned on or off. With features all contained within this powerful device, no connected app is necessary to enjoy the full experience of Era Life. Consumers just pop in a pod and go, making it a must-have accessory to never leave home without. Era Life features PAX’s unique Pop & Click temperature technology, which allows for easy changes between flavor and vapor with a simple click of the pod.

Longer lasting pods deliver full flavor from start to finish.

PAX’s industry-leading temperature control checks the temperature 125 times per second, unlike any other vaporizer on the market—ensuring a consistent temperature that delivers a full, never burnt flavor throughout the life of the pod. Whether using lower temperature for more flavor or higher temperature for more vapor, Era Life creates smooth airflow through laser cut sidings and achieves better hits every time.

Extended battery life in PAX’s most compact design.

Era Life is a full 10mm shorter than the rest of the PAX Era devices, but its powerful battery still delivers. Extended battery life provides more than 150 puffs per charge and an easy-to-read LED low battery indicator ensures it's never without juice. Era Life has passed rigorous testing to become UL-certified, meeting the leading national safety standards. PAX goes above and beyond to meet and exceed safety best practices that consumers expect from other electronics products—like their headphones, laptops or appliances—and is the only cannabis brand to do so.

Beautiful and sleek, in bright, fun new colors.

PAX devices are designed with portability in mind and Era Life is no exception. It fits discreetly in the palm of a hand or the smallest of pockets, without compromising the luxe visual aesthetic and hand feel that PAX loyalists know and love. With its aluminum wrapped shell and ultra-slim profile, Era Life is made for high-style inspiration and adventure, available in a vibrant color palette.

Enduring quality only from PAX.

For more than a decade, PAX has been creating beautiful, durable devices that consumers love and trust. From innovative design to quality, high-purity material selection to rigorous manufacturing processes and craftsmanship, PAX products are built to last. This is backed by an unbeaten 1-year limited warranty, one which millions of customers have never had to use.



Priced at $35, Era Life is available for purchase by those 21 and over beginning today on and at licensed retailers in legal states where PAX products are sold.

PAX Labs’ mission is to enhance people’s lives through exceptional cannabis experiences. For more than a decade, we have been focused on creating award-winning, premium devices that deliver enduring quality through innovations in design and technology. PAX works with hand-selected partners across the country who curate and produce the highest-quality, purest cannabis concentrates for PAX Era pods. The PAX brand represents a passion for increasing well-being and joy, and is committed to establishing cannabis as a force for good—advancing causes of social justice, access and equity in the space.



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