With 2022 coming to a close, it’s safe to say it’s been the biggest year for fans of the PAX Era Collection. Throughout 2022, PAX has released its own lineup of oil extract pods for the award-winning Era device. Live Rosin with Natural Diamonds pods are crafted to preserve natural cannabinoids and terpenes for “full-flower” effects. Diamonds pods deliver potent experiences with 95%+ THC. And the recently released High Purity THC pods are the perfect blend of potency, flavor and price at just $30 for a 1G pod.

To end 2022 on an even higher note, PAX is also introducing a new, re-engineered and refreshed PAX Era device to pair with its trio of pods. The new PAX Era device is more powerful, more dependable and more colorful than ever. The updated oil extract vaporizer is available in ultra pink, ultra green, ultra blue and black. As always, PAX’s patented temperature control heats, and never burns, for consistent flavors and aromas from start-to-finish for every pod. All new Era devices are just $35 and backed by a 1-year limited warranty. 


The rechargeable new PAX Era device has been re-engineered to produce more vapor. The result is a dependable, pocket-sized device that delivers 50% heavier hits, bigger clouds and better sessions. So no matter which PAX Era pod you pick for the new PAX Era device, you’re sure to get a more powerful and potent puff.


A key addition to the new PAX Era device is its intuitive anti-clog feature. The anti-clog feature works automatically to clear and prevent clogs. You can also easily activate the anti-clog function by removing and re-inserting your Era pod.


The new PAX Era device also includes the simple Pop and Click technology that lets you select your own temperature modes. Simply slide your pod out and back in to cycle through the settings. One to four LED petals will light up to correspond to each setting. One petal produces more flavor while four petals produces more vapor. 

Whether you’re looking to celebrate the end of 2022, or the beginning of 2023, the new PAX Era device can easily elevate your festivities. Just pop in your favorite PAX Era pod and puff away.

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