ICYMI: Juneteenth Tea Party

For many Black Americans, Juneteenth is the defining moment of liberation in their community. For cannabis entrepreneurs Angela Stocker of Highly Crafted and Makayla Olford of Inkwell Picnics, Juneteenth is also the perfect opportunity to create a carefree experience for Black cannabis professionals. And nothing is more carefree than a tea party.

An elegant Sunday High Tea was the vision, and the fact that it aligned with Juneteenth was nothing short of kismet.

On how this event came to be, Angela explains, “I felt like it was important to showcase the monumental successes that Black people in the cannabis industry have had, even with all the odds stacked against them.”

It’s a devastating reality that even in legal states like California, the odds still don’t favor Black people who remain incarcerated on non-violent cannabis-related convictions at disproportionate rates.

She continues, “I knew that I wanted to bring these people together in a special way, and I immediately knew that Makayla at Inkwell would be the perfect partner. An elegant Sunday High Tea was the vision, and the fact that it aligned with Juneteenth was nothing short of kismet.”

I don’t want my cannabis use to be politicized.

For Makayla, producing an event for Black cannabis enthusiasts that was pressure-free, above all, has been a long term goal. She states, “I’d been dreaming of an elegant high tea party where we could openly celebrate cannabis consumption. I feel like Black people often get pigeonholed into having these holier than thou motivations for everything.” From fashion choices to hairstyles to musical preferences, it can often feel like Black individuals are not afforded frivolity in the things they like and do. And Makayla isn’t here for that.

“I don’t want my cannabis use to be politicized,” she declares, “Damn, can I just like smoking for no reason? Black people cannabis use is light and fun as well. I’m just trying to share that vision through the tea party. All while getting medicated in our best dressed and promoting positive, responsible cannabis consumption.”

This past Sunday, their joint (pun intended) vision came to life in the form of their Juneteenth High Tea Party. The event was held at Black-owned event and consumption lounge Violet Noir and featured live music, decadent desserts and finger foods, “stoney” crafts stations and, of course, tea. Angela and Makayla hoped that this event would be an opportunity for dismantle negative stereotypes around cannabis within the Black community, promote positive cannabis consumption, celebrate their victories within the industry and connect on ways to have even more.

As the proud event sponsor, PAX is confident that these flowerful ladies did just that. But don’t take our word for it. Check out images from the event below.


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