Jon Gabrus x PAX Era Limited Drop

PAX unveils its next creator collaboration: the High and Mighty PAX Era device by comedian Jon Gabrus.

From day one, PAX has been a unique voice in the cannabis world, pushing boundaries and setting new standards. We’ve always taken pride in collaborating with other tone-setters and creators, from art and music to fashion and entertainment. Jon Gabrus is many things: a comedian, a podcaster, an actor, a writer. He is, perhaps above all else, a cannabis enthusiast (to put it lightly).

About Jon Gabrus

From his podcasts High & Mighty and The Action Boyz to his show 101 Places to Party Before You Die, Jon makes no secrets of the things he loves. “High and Mighty is the name of my podcast, but it’s also a pretty solid life mantra for me. I am a big strong stoner who has a lot of opinions that I can get rather High and Mighty about. So that’s how I want you to feel after you rip from my custom PAX Era.”

Bringing cannabis into the mix enhances his favorite experiences, from podcasting and video games to lifting weights and Speedos at the beach. “I included some imagery of my favorite cannabis pairings, all things that go very well with a nice pull from the Era (to be fair, the Era would have to be 200 feet long to REALLY include everything that is better with cannabis).”

About the Design

The custom era features designs by artist Matt Braun, a rugby teammate of Gabrus. One side bears the name of Gabrus’s podcast and mantra, High & Mighty, while the other is a cool, pop-art pictorial collage of some of his favorite things to enhance with cannabis. When you’re about to partake in one of these activities (or really any activity you love), don’t forget your custom Jon Gabrus x PAX Era, and get a little High and Mighty yourself.

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