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Introducing PAXFinder™ and Beacon™
Introducing PAXFinder™ and Beacon™

Never lose track of your device again with PAXFinder™ and Beacon™.

Download on the Google Play Store or visit our Web App on Chrome. 


PAX® users with accounts will be able to turn on PAXFinder for each Era Pro, Era, and PAX3 device on Android & the Web App. Once activated, PAXFinder will save the current address of the connected device. If you misplace your device, simply log into your account on either platform to see the last saved location with a button to launch maps.

Note: For privacy, we intentionally delete all previous locations and only store the current one. 


For Era Pro devices on Android, we are introducing Beacon - a Bluetooth®-powered signal strength indicator that enhances the PAXFinder experience. You will now be able to locate your Era Pro device in your house with the help of circles that increase and decrease as you get closer and further away.  

  • Buzz the device

  • Turn on LEDs

  • Turn on child-lock

You will be guided along the way with hints as you get close and further away. And there’s an exciting surprise when you let us know you found it!

Anni is the Director of Creative & Content at PAX. Previously, she held editorships at Vogue and Russh, and worked at advertising agencies. Anni’s most enjoyable interview was with the Wu-Tang Clan.
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