Introducing Infused Flower Pucks

For more than a decade, PAX has been known as a device brand in the cannabis community. But that’s changing. This year marked the birth of our own line of crafted cannabis products. We released Live Rosin and Diamonds PAX Era pods in select markets throughout 2022. And now, we’re taking another step with the release of Infused Flower Pucks across California.

We Made Bud Better

PAX Infused Flower Pucks combines all-natural California flower with full-melt water hash. Each Puck reflects the purity of the plant and the potency of hash to deliver a long-lasting, more flowerful experience. Infused Flower is hand-pressed into eight, ready-to-go PAX Pucks that fit perfectly into any PAX portable vaporizer, and can also be used with joints, pipes, bowls, and bongs.

Purity Meets Potency

PAX Infused Flower Pucks is made from all-natural California flower and full-melt water hash. So you’ll enjoy a pure and potent cannabis experience with 125mg THC per PAX Puck. PAX Infused Flower Pucks gives cannabis enthusiasts a new way to experience these classic and contemporary cultivars.


PAX Infused is pure and potent, but it’s also highly portable. PAX Infused Flower is hand-pressed into eight PAX Pucks and ready-to-go straight from its crush-proof, resealable tin. Just press a PAX Puck into the oven of your PAX device, enjoy your session and tap it right out. There’s no prep and no mess. PAX Infused Flower is designed to work perfectly with any PAX portable vaporizer, but can also be used in joints, bowls, pipes, or bongs.

Each tin of PAX Infused Flower contains 8 hand-pressed PAX Buds, 2.8g of all-natural flower infused with full-melt hash. That’s nearly an eighth of premium, 100% cannabis. PAX Infused Flower is currently available in California. But stay tuned, we have plans to expand into other states.

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