Introducing High Purity THC Pods

It’s been a really exciting year at PAX, especially for fans of the PAX Era. The lineup of PAX Era pods gives cannabis enthusiasts more choices, whether seeking purity, potency, price, or all three. Live Rosin pods are crafted to preserve natural cannabinoids and terpenes for “full-flower” effects. Diamonds pods deliver potent experiences with 95%+ THC. New High Purity THC pods are the perfect blend of potency, flavor and price. Each pod is crafted to work perfectly with all PAX Era vape pens.

Flavor Forward

The cannabis oil in our High Purity THC pods is sourced for purity and potency. High Purity THC pods are available across Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains, and are enhanced with a terpene blend to bring out the best aroma and taste. Each pod also boasts 85%+ THC and strong, fruit-forward flavors.

Great Highs at a Low Price

High Purity THC is the most accessibly priced PAX Era pod. With each High Purity THC pod delivering 85%+ THC, it can serve as a potent, flavorful introduction to the PAX Era device. 

Update: High Purity THC pods are available in California, Colorado, Massachusetts, and New York. Use our store locator to find PAX Era pods and Era vape pens in your area.

CA License #C12-0000266-LIC
CO License #404R-00010
MA License # MP281383
NY License OCM-AUCP-22-000009

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