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In The Lab with Robyn
In The Lab with Robyn

Meet the team, go behind-the-scenes, and learn how we obsess about every detail of every product.

Meet Robyn, our Mechanical Engineer for the pod team designing small plastic and metal parts. 

What does the VHX Optical Microscope do? 
It’s a really powerful microscope that can magnify thousands of times. It takes high quality pictures and communicates what exactly is going on. For example, we looked at a drop of THC – the oil itself is clear, but when you zoom in 2000 times you can see the crystallization in the cannabis oil.

Why is it important to use this microscope? 
Our devices and pods utilize tiny components and we need to get in there to see what you can’t with the naked eye. It’s also important in capturing images and pictures to provide evidence of the root cause and drive product improvements. 

How does it impact a PAX product?
With the VHX Optical Microscope, we’re going down to the micro level and there’s phenomena that happens at a really small scale that affects your experience. This is one of the tools we use to show that these phenomena are happening.

What drives these phenomena?
We put our products through environmental stress tests – heat, humidity, salt spray, UV, drop – and we look with this machine to see if there’s any impact, to ensure the quality of the component is functional and shows no signs of damage from testing, and that it works through all kinds of conditions.

When do you do these environmental stress tests?
We do them after the final assembly. We inspect the quality of components before we assemble it, and then when it’s assembled we need to make sure everything is right – fit, form and function.


When do you use the VHX Optical Microscope?
We use it all throughout the product life-cycle. In prototyping to look at how parts come together, we use it at the material level, we use it for FA (failure analysis), in production, and customer returns.

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