May 27, 2020

In the Lab with Mobar

In the Lab with Mobar

Meet the team, go behind-the-scenes, and learn how we obsess about every detail of every product.

Meet Mobar, our Senior Firmware QA Engineer.

What is a Thermal Microscope?
It’s a tool that enables us to test the temperature of our devices at a very granular and precise level. We use it to measure coil temperature to ensure accuracy and consistency throughout your puff – so the actual temperature matches your expectations (the temperature you chose).

Why does testing the temperature matter?
It tells us if the heater algorithm inside of the firmware is doing the right thing: checking the temperature and staying consistent. The tech that we use to run the heater at the right temperature is super impressive. With 510s, when you push a button it keeps pumping the same voltage regardless of the coil inside of the cartridge, without checking temperature or staying consistent.

What do different coil temperatures mean for the user?
The hotter the coil, the more vapor you’ll get, and a lower temperature coil will give you more flavor. Testing makes sure your hit has the right balance of flavor and vapor.

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