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In The Lab with Alex
In The Lab with Alex

Meet the team, go behind-the-scenes, and learn how we obsess about every detail of every product.

Meet Alex, our Lead Mechanical Engineer, working on next generation devices. 

What does the Pod Insert Removal Tester do? 
This machine inserts and removes pods from our ERA devices. Sometimes we purely use it for this function (for testing our products to ensure long term durability), but more often we use it in conjunction with specialized monitoring software that allows us to to track and measure electrical and wireless communication performance.

How does it work? 
It’s simple! A small motor is controlled to precisely spin in either direction and drive the top platform up and down – it can be programmed to travel a set distance with a set speed for as many cycles as you want. The fixture also allows us to connect to our devices while it is running.  

Why is it important that we use Pod Insert Removal Tester?
This machine automates hundreds of hours of what would otherwise be very tedious work. Additionally, it is very accurate and repeatable so that we can remove variables from our testing and reach conclusions faster and with more confidence.  

How does it impact the overall product and the way people use our products
PAX strives to ensure that our products are the highest quality and work consistently for our users. This machine is one of many that we use to test long term durability, as well as stability of our core features – in this case pod to device electrical contact (for vaporization) and wireless communication (for our PodID™ feature).

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