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How to Grind Cannabis Without a Grinder
How to Grind Cannabis Without a Grinder

When using loose-leaf cannabis in your vaporizer, grinding the cannabis is an essential step to preparing a vaporizer fill. Most people automatically reach for a grinder to break up their cannabis before using it. However, what should you do if you lost your grinder or forgot it at home? Don't let a missing grinder keep you from properly enjoying.

Why grind weed?

Why grind weed in the first place? Though it's technically true you don't have to grind your cannabis to use it in a vaporizer, most connoisseurs do. Grinding your cannabis, or doing anything else to break it into tiny pieces, has many advantages. 

  • Get even consistency on your cannabis pieces, so they all burn at the same, even rate. This ensures more flavorful vapor with the full aroma of your cannabis. Having an uneven mix of large and small pieces means that the large pieces will take longer to vaporize.
  • More consistent vaporization also provides a more consistent experience. When the full range of cannabinoids in your cannabis becomes vaporized, you get to enjoy a bolder sensation.
  • Grinding allows you to pack your cannabis into the chamber more densely. This lets you use your vaporizer for a longer period of time before having to refill it.
  • Using a grinding tool will ensure that you get the most out of stickier cannabis variants. Using your fingers can cause a lot of the potent material to just stick to your fingers and become useless.
  • The even vaporization of ground cannabis results in smoother, thicker vapor.

Do you need a grinder to grind your cannabis?

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to grinding your cannabis before putting it in the oven. However, this does not necessarily mean you need a dedicated cannabis grinder. While actual grinders are the simplest and most convenient way of grinding your cannabis, you do have other options.

The purpose of grinding cannabis is to break your cannabis into small, evenly sized pieces. There are all sorts of devices and techniques that can accomplish this end goal. You have plenty of options, including your fingers, a knife, or even a kitchen appliance.

How to grind cannabis without a grinder: 5 easy methods

Can't locate a grinder right now? This doesn't have to stop you from having an enjoyable vaporizing experience. Whether you're grinding the whole bud or just a small portion, these techniques make it easy to figure out how to grind cannabis without a grinder.

1. Use your hands

This is the absolute simplest method for how to grind weed. All you do is use your hands to gently break apart the cannabis bud. Once it's in smaller pieces, place it between your hands and hold it over a tray. Roll the cannabis back and forth between your palms, allowing all the small bits to fall onto the tray.

To get the most out of this method, pick a slightly drier cannabis strain. Especially sticky buds don't do well with this method because so much of the cannabinoids end up pointlessly stuck on your hands.

2. Try a coin and bottle grinder

You can make this easy homemade grinder from a coin and a small bottle. Most people use a penny and a pill bottle, but just about any small coin and bottle will work. Clean them thoroughly and place your cannabis inside the bottle. Next, add your coin to the bottle and close the lid. Shake the container vigorously to allow the coin to break up your cannabis.

This method for how to grind weed without a grinder can be surprisingly effective. If your cannabis isn't small enough at first, you can just close the lid and shake it some more. Keep in mind that this method can take a couple minutes.

3. Run a coffee grinder

A coffee grinder can grind coffee beans into small pieces, so it can perform a similar function for cannabis. All you need to do is clean out the grinder, add your cannabis, and turn the grinder on. It might take a little experimenting to find the settings that give your preferred size, but this can be a fast and effective method for grinding your cannabis.

Before you use this technique, make sure you have a grinder you're comfortable sacrificing. It can be difficult to thoroughly clean a grinder after using it for sticky cannabis. Some people get a coffee grinder specifically for cannabis, while others may just enjoy a slightly cannabis-flavored cup of joe.

4. Snip cannabis with scissors

Also called the shot glass method, this technique for how to grind weed requires a pair of sharp scissors and a shot glass or other small container. You just place the cannabis in the narrow cup, slide in the scissors, and snip them back and forth.

This method is helpful because the shot glass keeps loose cannabis from flying around. There is a slight chance of stickier cannabis making it hard to open and close the scissors. However, this method mimics the teeth of a grinder, so it does a good job of breaking up your cannabis. 

5. Chop it with a knife

Another kitchen tool that works well for grinding cannabis is a standard knife and cutting board. You can mince cannabis into tiny pieces just like a clove of garlic or anything else. To use this method, simply place your cannabis on the cutting board, and start chopping.

The nice thing about this technique is that it gives you full control over the size of your cannabis. You can see exactly when the pieces get small enough, and you can easily identify any pieces that you need to break down further. Cannabis can stick to the knife a little, but it is often easier to scrape it off the smooth surface.

Now that you know how to grind weed without a grinder, you can prepare your vaporizer with ease. Each one of these techniques has its own benefits, so experiment with them all to find the one that works for you.

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