Era Pro: The First Ever UL-Certified Cannabis-Only Vaporizer in Market

We’re not kidding when we say we create cannabis-only devices that meet the highest safety standards in the industry. We obsess about every detail of every product and are proud to share that PAX Era Pro has been announced the first UL 8139 certified cannabis vaporizer.

UL, a global leader in safety certification, recently developed a voluntary industry standard for vaporizers, UL 8139, that “evaluates the safety of the electrical, heating, battery and charging systems of these products.” The tests to pass UL 8139, like those done in our lab in San Francisco, are rigorous. Over eight weeks, Era Pro was subject to temperature tests, continuous operation examinations, water exposure tests, crush resistance tests, drop tests, charging tests, and more. UL 8139 isn’t all action-packed tests; construction elements like materials and enclosures, and parts like wiring boards and venting mechanisms, are scrutinized.

Passing UL 8139 provides assurance against rupture, fire, electrolyte leakage, consistent and in range voltage, currents, and temperatures, giving you complete confidence when choosing PAX. By earning a UL listing, we're proving to you that we take your safety seriously. So enjoy the highest standards with Era Pro. Pun definitely intended.

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