Celebrate 710 Day With PAX

If you’re a fan of 420, you’re gonna love 710.

It’s true. There’s another officially-unofficial “high” holiday that celebrates cannabis culture with 710. While the origin of the 710 holiday is a little hazy, the date has grown in popularity in recent years as a celebration of cannabis oils, extracts and concentrates. (Pro tip: rotate the number 710 upside down and it looks a lot like OIL).

At PAX, we don’t need much of a reason to celebrate cannabis. So, we’re all in on doing our part to make 710 a big deal.

Treat yourself to a new PAX 3 – our dual-use device for flower and concentrates. Or maybe a PAX Era or Era Life if you’re into oil-extract pods? And don’t forget about our line of accessories and merch. It’s a great time to stock up or to just upgrade your stash.

Happy 710!

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