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The PAX 3 portable vaporizer from PAX Labs is beloved for its stunning aesthetics, advanced functionality, and unparalleled discretion. This vaporizer is the first in the PAX family to support the vaporization of concentrate and dry herb material, and the first, along with the PAX Era, to support app control through PAX Mobile.

As you get to know your PAX 3, you’ll learn the importance of temperature to your vaping experience. Choosing a temperature has a tremendous influence on nearly every component of the vaporization experience, from taste to the size of the vape cloud produced. Luckily, the PAX 3 supports temperature settings down to the degree, so you can truly fine-tune your portable vaporizer to perfectly support your desired outcome.

The importance of temperature while vaping

Temperature is crucial to the vaping experience. Your temperature selection directly influences the type of session you’d like to have. Lower temperatures help preserve your materials, ensure that the vapor is rich and flavorful, and support a more discreet experience by decreasing the smell and generating small vapor clouds. Higher temperatures support large vapor clouds. Choose the temperature that best supports the experience you want to have.

What are the PAX 3 temperature settings?

PAX 3 supports a temperature range from 360°F from 420°F. Through the PAX Mobile app for Android and Apple devices, the temperature can be changed in 1-degree or 5-degree increments. Without the app, you can access four temperature presets by pushing down on the mouthpiece. A fifth, custom temperature setting can be created using the PAX Mobile application. The four-petal LED indicator will change color depending on the selected preset.

  • 360°F: The lowest of the four presets is represented by one green petal on the LED indicator.
  • 380°F: This setting is represented by two yellow petals on the LED indicator.
  • 400°F: Three orange petals will light up when this temperature setting is selected.
  • 420°F: The highest temperature setting is represented by four red petals.

In addition to these temperature settings, PAX 3 also supports Dynamic Modes for further customization. These modes, unique to the PAX 3, include:

  1. Standard Mode: When placed in this mode, your PAX 3 will balance flavor preservation and vapor production by increasing oven temperature only while the portable vaporizer is in use. Temperature spikes when your lips are detected, while the device automatically cools down once it hasn’t been touched for 20 seconds.
  2. Boost Mode: This mode increases vapor production without changing the temperature setting you prefer. In Boost Mode, temperature accelerates faster, standby time is doubled, and the device takes longer to cool.
  3. Flavor Mode: PAX 3 will heat and cool faster when in flavor mode, resulting in vapor production on demand without undercutting flavor.
  4. Efficiency Mode: Oven temperature increases by 1 degree for every two seconds PAX 3 is in use. This delivers reliable and consistent vapor without rapidly consuming your material. Your starting temperature can be set via PAX Mobile.
  5. Stealth Mode: To reduce odors and vapor production, Stealth Mode maintains a lower temperature, enters standby mode in half the time, and begins the cool-down process quicker than normal.

What to consider when selecting your temperature

Now that we’ve established the importance of vaping temperature, you can decide which temperature is best for the type of experience you want to have. Keep these factors in mind while finding your PAX 3 sweet spot:

  • Flavor: Do you want to taste the finer notes of the cannabis material being vaporized? Consider keeping the temperature in the 360°F range.
  • Material preservation: Lower temperatures tend to consume your cannabis material at a lower rate, so if you want to maximize what’s packed in the PAX 3’s oven, keep your temperature on the lower end of the spectrum.
  • Vapor production and vapor quality: Higher temperatures produce larger clouds and more dense vapor.

How PAX Mobile helps set temperature

PAX Mobile opens up a world of possibilities previously not experienced in portable vaporization technology. The app supports unprecedented temperature control, so you can select any setting in 1-degree increments between 360°F and 420°F. A shortcut on the temperature control interface allows you to browse through temperature options in 5-degree increments. You can also use the app to select a custom preset temperature, which can then be accessed by cycling through the button located underneath the PAX 3 mouthpiece.

The PAX 3 portable vaporizer device-only kit is available for $199. The PAX 3 complete kit, which includes a concentrate insert and other accessories necessary to vaporize concentrates, is available for $249.

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