PAX Holiday Gift Guide Features
PAX Holiday Gift Guide Features

Still searching for a unique gift for that special someone this holiday season? Check out what these holiday trend-setters are saying about the PAX premium vaporizer:

From The Verge:

"The Pax has been compared to the first iPod as a breakthrough for vaping, and that’s a good way to put it. For $250 you get something that’s more expensive than most vape pens, but with a beautiful design with user-friendly features. No iTunes required."

From ModVive:

"The Pax vaporizer is a sleek portable unit made by Ploom that does everything you would expect for a 21st century device looking to cleanup the smoking community. Everything from packing the chamber, to changing the level of heat, and charging is simple."

From Lulu & Lattes:

"Ploom is the manufacturer of the best vaporizers on the market. The Ipod of vaporizers is the Pax."

Buy the Pax vaporizer here.

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