Live Rosin vs. Live Resin

When it comes to the cannabis oil extracts, live rosin and live resin are two of the most frequently confused terms. They're both high quality concentrates and they have very similar names. But once you learn more about live resin and live rosin, you'll find that they're quite different. The best option typically depends on your unique needs and preferences. To figure out whether live resin or rosin is right for you, you need to carefully consider these factors.

What is Live Rosin? How is it made?

Live rosin is a cannabis oil produced via solventless extraction, or without chemical solvents like butane. The most common technique involves putting ice water hash (also called full melt bubble hash) on a heated press and applying pressure it to release the live rosin oil. This results in a gold substance that can be gooey like honey, or it can be a firm, buttery substance like crumble wax. To ensure live rosin that’s flavorful and potent, it’s important to start with high quality cannabis flower that’s fresh frozen at peak harvest.

What is Live Resin? How is it made?

Live Resin is cannabis oil made through a combination of flash freezing flower and solvent extraction. The big difference between cured resin vs live resin is that live resin uses cannabis plant material that was cryogenically frozen right after harvest. This ensures that the plant doesn't lose all of its delicate flavor compounds. Next, a hydrocarbon solvent flows over the cannabis and pulls out the cannabis compounds. Finally, the solvent evaporates, leaving behind a sticky, amber-colored material with a slightly sugary texture.

Live Rosin vs. Live Resin cannabinoids and terpenes

Due to their different extraction processes, live rosin and resin may have different amounts of psychoactive cannabinoids and terpenes. Historically, live resin has had an edge in retaining natural terpenes and cannabinoids due to the cryogenic freezing process. However, modern live rosin processes can match and even rival resin if the manufacturer immediately freezes high-grade cannabis flower at harvest. This locks in the trichomes before extraction.

Is Live Rosin or Live Resin stronger?

When comparing potency between live rosin and live resin, factors like the type of cannabis, the equipment, and the processing speed can all affect THC content. With all this variation, there's no guarantee any given resin will be noticeably stronger than a rosin. If you want the absolute strongest concentrate possible, there are more potent options like shatter and wax. For this experience, it's about the balance of potency and sensory from the live terpenes.

Live Rosin vs. Live Resin flavors and aromas

The main difference between live rosin vs resin is in their terpene profile and therefore tastes. Live Resin tends to have more nuanced flavors than the average Distillate. Instead of a few single notes of earthy, piney, or floral flavor, they'll have undertones of scents like mango, lavender, cedar, or cocoa. Similarly, a Live Rosin made with high-quality cannabis will deliver natural, clean flavors that are closer to the original plant.

What do Live Rosin and Live Resin cost?

Concentrates have a higher cost than a similar weight of dried cannabis, but they can last longer as they're a lot stronger. Though you pay more up front for resin or rosin, you get more THC per dollar spent. This makes both resin and rosin very cost-effective.

Live rosin tends to be a more artisanal product, so it's no surprise that it costs more than resin. Especially when made by hand, rosin has to be done in small batches. Prices will vary a bit depending on what brand you select and how much you buy.

Closing thoughts on Live Rosin vs. Live Resin

Both Live Rosin and Live Resin can create an enjoyable cannabis experience, where you're enjoyed them in edibles or vape. Ultimately, it will come down to strain availability, store availability, and budget.

Live Resin is a dependable upgrade from Distillate, with a richer profile of cannabinoids and terpenes. Live Rosin is the crème de la crème, made in a more labor-intensive and solvent-free manner to provide a complex and "true to plant" cannabis oil. It is for this reason that cannabis enthusiasts enjoy using both.

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