What is Live Rosin?

When it comes to high quality cannabis oil, you really can’t go wrong with live rosin. It’s absolutely packed with flavor and has a consistently high potency, thanks to having all of those trichomes locked in from the very beginning of the extraction process. Many cannabis concentrate and hash enthusiasts prefer live rosin. PAX’s fresh pressed Live Rosin made with natural diamonds gives the people what they want. 

What is live rosin?

Live rosin is a type of cannabis concentrate that people champion for its solventless purity and terpene-packed flavor. It is made from ice water hash (also called full melt bubble hash) that is then pressed out through heat and pressure. The result is a cannabis hash oil with a slightly thick, waxy texture, and flavorful consumption experience that will satisfy the palate of anyone who vapes cannabis.

The process of making live rosin starts with fresh frozen material. That means as soon as the cannabis plants are harvested, they are immediately frozen to lock in the highest trichome density possible. Those little milky crystals on cannabis flowers are packed full of all the cannabinoids and terpenes that produce the effects we feel from vaping. The goal of the fresh frozen process is to preserve the highest concentration of those trichomes, so the oil made from it will be highly potent and super tasty.

Why does live rosin make the best vape pods?

Best is subjective. When cannabis consumers say “best”, they are usually describing products that are highly potent, extremely delicious, and guaranteed to be free of harmful chemicals. PAX's solventless, fresh-pressed Live Rosin with natural diamonds checks all three of those boxes.* Combine that level of oil quality with PAX’s patented Low Heat Technology that only heats, never burns your cannabinoid and terpenes, in addition to the option to vape at exact temperatures on compatible devices through the PAX App, and it’s easy to see why vape enthusiasts could consider PAX Live Rosin one of the best products available.

*No harmful heavy metals, solvents, pesticides or combustion byproducts.

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