What is Live Rosin?

When it comes to high quality cannabis oil, you really can’t go wrong with live rosin. It’s absolutely packed with cannabinoids and terpenes, thanks to high quality cannabis flower and a solventless extraction process. It is for this reason that cannabis concentrate and hash enthusiasts prefer live rosin.

What is live rosin?

Live rosin is a type of cannabis concentrate that people champion for its solventless purity and terpene-packed flavor. It is made from ice water hash (also called full melt bubble hash) that is then pressed out through heat and pressure. The result is a cannabis hash oil with a slightly thick, waxy texture, and flavorful consumption experience that will satisfy the palate of anyone who vapes cannabis.

How is live rosin made?

The process of making live rosin starts with fresh frozen material. That means as soon as the cannabis plants are harvested, they are immediately frozen to lock in the highest trichome density possible. Those little milky crystals on cannabis flowers are packed full of all the cannabinoids and terpenes that produce the effects we feel from vaping. The goal of the fresh frozen process is to preserve the highest concentration of those trichomes, so the oil made from it will be highly potent and super tasty.

As Collin Palmer, Head of Formulation, puts it "We take fresh frozen material, make hash first, isolate that hash into specific micron sizes, and that is pressed at a really low temperature to preserve the terpenoids. We post-process that to make it a viscous oil. We bring those [minor cannabinoids and terpenoids] together for a unique experience."

Why is live rosin considered the "true to plant"?

One of the best things a cannabis product can be is pure, as it means you are getting an experience that best represent the live plant experience. Purity matters because you don’t want any chemicals or impurities interfering with effects, flavors, or aromas.

By bypassing chemical solvents like butane, ethanol, and carbon dioxide, you don't have to then remove them later on in the process. Instead, you're experiencing the cannabis flower and it's trichomes in it's original, fresh state.

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