US vs. THEM: Episode 2 - Era vs. 510

In the second installment of Us vs Them, where we dive into what sets PAX apart from other cannabis brands. Let’s talk about Era vs. 510 threads. 

At PAX, we pride ourselves on quality, durability, and safety. That’s why we only use tier 1 suppliers in Good Manufacturing Practice-certified facilities, and are confident that every ingredient inside of our devices is  tested, safe, and accredited. Our batteries comply with regulatory certifications, giving you peace of mind that your battery won't blow up, and to ensure a longer and safer battery life. Plus, our isolated air paths mean that inhaled air goes directly through the cannabis and straight to your mouth, never passing through electronic circuits, so there's no LED or lithium battery exposure.

In contrast, 510 threads typically use low-grade industrial metals and materials with airflow running through the battery, exposing the user to harsh chemicals when inhaling. It's just not worth the risk and we don’t think consumers should settle for a sub-optimal - and potentially unsafe - experience. 

Our expertise also leads to cutting-edge technology, like the new PAX Era's anti-clog feature. Clogs have become a standard part of the average vape experience, but not with the PAX Era. Our anti-clog technology ensures clean pulls and clear pathways, less wasted oil, and more good times.

PAX Era devices have 4 preset temperature settings (ranging from 520F-720F) to ensure your oil won't burn, so you can expect a consistent high-quality flavor every time. Unique, patented temperature control ensures your oil won't go beyond 720F, resulting in better tasting oil and full-flavored cannabis. 

Alternatively, 510 threads use voltage control (on/off switch) and do not control the temperature of the burn, resulting in burnt oil and bad sessions. Don't sacrifice your session with poor tasting cannabis! 

Finally, our design-forward company employs talented and innovative minds from around the world, resulting in sleek, award-winning, buttonless product design. 

We are committed to providing the best possible cannabis experience, and believe that our ERA system is the best choice for anyone who cares about quality, durability, and safety.

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