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When it comes to the PAX ERA system of vape pens and oil pods, ease of use is the name of the game. Everything is designed to work together seamlessly, making your experience easy and enjoyable.

How does it all work? This guide will provide an overview of everything you need to know about the PAX ERA lineup of vape pens as well as the PAX ERA pods.

What is a PAX ERA?

The PAX ERA is a portable vape pen for consuming cannabis oil extracts. It's constructed from anodized aluminum, which evenly distribute the heat generated by the battery.

While the PAX ERA lineup is simple to use, it still offers a rechargeable battery, four temperature modes (520°F to 790°F), and intuitive LED lights on the body. The best part? It offers instant draw when you bring the device to your lips.

What are PAX ERA Pods?

PAX ERA pods are designed specifically for use with the PAX ERA lineup of vape pens. They come pre-filled with concentrated cannabis oil from the PAX brand or one of the brand’s extract partners. To find an authorized PAX retailer near you, use the store locator.

How do PAX Pods Work?

When a PAX ERA pod is inserted into the device, it makes contact with the battery, powering the pod’s internal heating element. The heating element and dual-wick system are contained within a leak-resistant and clog-resistant housing, which is capped off with an attached mouthpiece. When inserted into the battery, simply inhale to instantly vaporize your cannabis oil.

When the PAX Era detects a pod inserted into the device, the LED indicator will light up with a downward sweeping motion so you know the pod is properly inserted. Similarly, when a pod is removed, the LED light will sweep upward.

Advantages of the PAX ERA

The PAX ERA lineup of vape pens are durable, portable and discreet. It may not be the cheapest, but it built to last and backed by a 1-year limited warranty (not that you'll need it).

One of the PAX ERA'S key features is patented temperature control, which means you heat, never burn your oil. It's the only pen on the market that dynamically adjusts wattage to achieve this.

PAX ERA pods are made with food grade materials and held to the highest standards. They are leak proof and carry, use, and switch out with your PAX ERA.

Lastly, you get a premium selection of cannabis oils, developed to bring out the best in the cannabis plant and tested for the best flavors, aromas, and potency.

How long do ERA Pods Last?

Each PAX ERA pod contains .5g or 1g of cannabis oil. Depending on the size of your puffs, a .5g pod can support between 300 and 500 puffs. These three factors are key in determining how long it takes:

  • Session length: Longer sessions generally use more oil, and shorter sessions are more likely to conserve oil.
  • Hit size: The strength and length of your inhale will also influence how much oil is vaporized. Because the PAX Era heats up as you draw, longer draws maintain a higher temperature and use up more oil.
  • Temperature: More oil is used on higher temperature settings. Lowering the temperature setting offers another way to conserve cannabis oil during a session.

The PAX ERA system is the right choice

Vape pens occupy a growing share of the cannabis landscape, as they solve for choice and convenience. No vape pen does this quite as well as the PAX ERA lineup. Made better, and designed to create exceptional cannabis experiences with the exclusive line of PAX ERA pods.

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