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PAX 3 is one of the first dual-use portable vaporizers available to consumers. Celebrated for its performance and durability, the device quickly earned its reputation as a discreet way to vaporize dry herb and concentrates on the go.

It’s important to learn the ins and outs of the PAX 3 so you can properly take advantage of its unique features and benefits. This guide details the new PAX 3 vaporizer, its improvements over the PAX 2, as well as new and exciting features we know you'll love.

What is the design of the PAX 3?

Simply put, PAX 3 doesn’t look like a vaporizer. The smooth and sleek device is a little smaller than a granola bar, standing at 4” tall and 1” wide. The extra-durable anodized aluminum shell distributes the oven’s heat, so the portable vaporizer is warm but not hot to the touch while in use. This new matte finish is also easy to clean, only requiring a quick wipe to remove fingerprints.

The oven is strategically placed at the bottom of the PAX 3, allowing for the maximum possible distance between oven and mouthpiece without sacrificing design or portability. The vapor path, constructed of surgical-grade stainless steel, leads directly from the oven to the mouthpiece for quick and easy vapor delivery.

How is the PAX 3 sold? What comes in the box?

The PAX 3 is the first PAX vaporizer to be sold with different kits. There is a Basic Kit, also known as "Device Only," which includes the vape as well as some basic accessories. New to the PAX 3 is the Complete Kit, which includes more advanced accessories for a "complete experience.

Both the Basic Kit and the Complete Kit come with the following accessories:

  • Silicone Mouthpieces: The flat mouthpiece lays flush with the top of the PAX 3, while the raised mouthpiece is elevated.
  • Maintenance Kit: Comes with pipe cleaners and a wire brush to clean the oven and vapor path of the PAX 3.
  • USB Charge Cable: Magnetically attaches to the base of the PAX device and can be used with any USB charger.

The Complete Kit contains the accessories that are necessary to consume concentrates, as well as others that allow for more flexible sessions:

  • Concentrate Insert: This specially-designed insert allows you to place a small amount of concentrate in the oven.
  • Multi-tool: Made from food-grade materials, the heat-resistant multi-tool allows you to pack or empty the oven with ease.
  • Half Pack Oven Lid: Switch out the regular oven lid with a half pack oven lid. That reduces the capacity of the oven, so less material is wasted during a shorter session.
  • Three oven screens: These screens help prevent product build-up in the oven.

Need new or replacement PAX 3 accessories? Find them here.

How do I use the PAX 3 with flower?

The PAX 3 has an oven at the bottom of the device measuring ⅞” that holds approximately 0.5g of material. You can reduce the oven size by approximately 50%, to approximately 0.25g, by using the Half Pack Oven Lid that comes in the Complete Kit (and also available for purchase). Both oven lids are magnetized, and can be removed and inserted in seconds.

Once you've packed with the oven with finely ground flower, close the oven lid and then select a silicone mouthpiece to use at the top of the device. With prep done, press the button underneath the mouthpiece to turn the device on.

A new feature of the PAX 3 is the faster 22 second heat-up time. The prior iteration, the PAX 2, took upwards of 45 seconds to heat. You'll know that the flower is ready with the four petal LED lights turn from pulsing purple to green. A quick vibration quietly notifies you when the oven has finished heating.

Out of the box, the device defaults to the lowest temperature setting of 360°F. If you want to adjust it, then long press button underneath the mouthpiece until the LED indicator responds with colored lights. Short-press the power button to cycle through the four temperature settings, the long-press to exit:

  • One green petal: 360°F (180°C)
  • Two yellow petals: 380°F (193°C)
  • Three orange petals: 400°F (204°C)
  • Four red petals: 420°F (215°C)

PAX's patented lip sensor technology turns up the oven temperature when the device reaches your mouth and reduces it when it is moved away. This welcome feature that helps to conserve the material inside the oven while providing for an optimized vapor experience.

How do I use the PAX 3 with concentrates?

The PAX 3 is the first device in the PAX lineup that allows you to switch seamlessly between dry herb and concentrates. To enjoy concentrates, simply remove the Oven Lid from the bottom, loud your solid/waxy concentrate into the oven using your Multi-Tool, and then add your Concentrate Insert into the oven.

For concentrates, you'll want to use the highest temperature setting of 420°F, which means cycling until you see four red petals on the LED indicator.

How do I turn the PAX 3 off?

When you have not taken a draw for 30 seconds, the PAX 3 (similar to the PAX 2) will enter standby mode to preserve materials and battery. What's new is the introduction of haptics alongside the blue LED lights. After three minutes of inactivity, the device will turn off altogether.

To manually turn off the PAX 3, quick-press the center of the mouthpiece and double-check that the LED indicator lights have turned off.

What is the PAX 3 battery life? How do I charge it?

A single charge can last anywhere from 8 to 10 sessions, or approximately 90 minutes of continuous operation. That represents a 25% improvement over the PAX 2, allowing for more or longer sessions.

To charge the PAX 3, use the included USB charge cable to plug it into a compatible USB port found on your computer, laptop, wall charger, wall plate, or portable power pack. Lay the device onto the magnetic charging strip, where it will be held securely in place. A full charge takes 90 minutes, representing a 25% improvement on the 2+ hour charge time of the PAX 2

To check battery life, gently shake the device from side to side while it’s turned on. The LED indicator will turn white to show battery levels:

  • One white petal: under 25%
  • Two white petals: 25% - 50%
  • Three white petals: 50% - 75%
  • Four white petals: 75% - 100%

When the PAX 3 reaches low battery, the upper-left petal will blink red three times.

What do the LED lights on the PAX 3 mean?

The LED indicator lights on the PAX 3 share many of the same behaviors as the PAX 2. The biggest changes are with low battery alerts and color themes, detailed below:

  • Status changes: Purple pulsing petals indicate the device is heating. When the device is ready, the lights will change from purple to green. While drawing, the LED indicator light will pulse green. Entering standby mode, all four petals will turn blue.
  • Temperature changes: The LED will change from one green petal to four red petals as the device heats from from lowest setting at 360°F (180°C) to the highest at 420°F (215°C).
  • Battery life: The LED indicator will turn white, with each petal corresponding to 25 percent increments. With low battery the upper-left petal will blink red three times (new).
  • Battery charging: The LED indicator will pulse white when the device is connected to power and the battery is charging.
  • Color themes (new): Colors can be changed for the LED indicator behavior during startup, heating, drawing, and standby. This is all done via the PAX app.

How do I clean a PAX 3 vaporizer?

Your PAX 3 should be cleaned every few uses to optimize both the material flavor and the vapor path’s resistance. As you prepare yourself to clean your PAX device, here are few things to have on hand during the cleaning process:

  • A glass of fresh water
  • Cotton swabs
  • Isopropyl alcohol and/or alcohol wipes
  • A wire brush, included with PAX 3
  • Pipe cleaners, included with PAX 3
  • Paper towels, in case of any excess dirt

Before cleaning your vaporizer, make sure the unit is cooled down sufficiently. It’s recommended to wait several minutes until the vaporizer is cool to the touch before cleaning.

How to clean the PAX 3 Basic Kit

When cleaning the device, the process is as follows:

  1. Remove the mouthpiece by sliding a finger or the multi-tool (purchased separately) along the lip and gently lifting the piece out.
  2. Submerge the mouthpiece in isopropyl alcohol or soapy water to clean it, and then wipe it down until there is no trace of any dirt, residue or liquid. 
  3. Lightly moisten a pipe cleaner or wire brush with water or alcohol, and push it into the vapor path underneath the mouthpiece.
  4. Use the pipe cleaner to push out the oven screen and clean the path, with rigorous back and forth motion. Be careful of excess moisture.
  5. Wipe down the oven screen and oven lid with a moist cotton swab or alcohol wipe. Do not submerge in any liquid or solution.
  6. Work on the stainless steel oven chamber with a moist cotton swab or alcohol wipe and remove stains best as possible.
  7. Leave the oven chamber, mouthpiece, and screen to dry or use a clean, dry towel to wipe them down and speed up the process.

Please note: the oven chamber may become discolored over time and with continued use. This will not impact the performance.

How to clean the PAX 3 Complete Kit

If you own the PAX 3 complete kit, the cleaning process is identical, but there are more components to clean. Please note the following:

  • The half-pack lid is cleaned the same way as the regular oven lid, with a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol. Do not submerge this lid in liquid.
  • For concentrates, use the included multi-tool to open the concentrate insert. Clean the inside of the concentrates insert with a moist cotton swab, similar to how you would clean the oven chamber. You can also submerge the concentrates insert into isopropyl alcohol.

Using your PAX 3 after cleaning

With the various parts now clean and dry, you can start putting them back together. Start with the oven screen into the oven chamber, then the concentrates insert or oven lid, and end with the mouthpiece up top. Make sure all pieces are fitting comfortably in their designated places, using the multi-tool as needed.

Wipe down the exterior shell with a towel lightly moistened with alcohol to remove any excess oils or fingerprints on the exterior. Now, you are ready for more sessions with your PAX 3.

What is the limited warranty on the PAX 3?

Each PAX 3 purchased automatically comes with a limited 10-year manufacturer’s warranty which protects your device in the event of defects in materials and workmanship. So go out there and enjoy it!

How is the PAX 3 different than the PAX 2?

PAX 2 and PAX 3 are both highly regarded as some of the leading portable vaporizers in the market. The newer iteration, PAX 3, offers features never before seen in the PAX family such as:

  • Concentrate compatibility, so that the PAX 3 can now be used with cannabis flower as well as cannabis concentrates.
  • Complete Kit, which includes new accessories like the Concentrate Insert, Half Pack Oven Lid, and Multi-Tool.
  • 50% Faster heat up times over PAX 2.
  • Improved battery performance, including 25% longer battery life and 25% faster charging times over the PAX 2.
  • Connectivity to the Android and web versions of the PAX App, which unlocks additional functionality.

No matter which you choose, PAX provides a smooth, flavorful, and discreet vapor experience.

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