Lemon Cake: Strain, Effects, and More

In the mood for something a little unusual? When you want to enjoy citrusy flavors, sweet aromas, and Sativa-dominant effects, reach for Lemon Cake. This strain combines decades of careful breeding into a single, special type of cannabis. Explore our guide to learn all about Lemon Cake's tastes, effects, and history.

What is the Lemon Cake Strain?

Lemon Cake is a cannabis strain originally created by Heavyweight Seeds. This Sativa-dominant hybrid is notable for its unusually high cannabinoid levels. Its terpene profile includes Myrcene, Terpinolene, Caryophyllene, and Humulene.

The Lemon Cake strain has a noticeably sweet, tangy scent. Its main flavor notes are citrusy, fruity, and sour. This cannabis strain also includes undernotes of muskiness and earthiness. In addition to lemon, it may also have hints of cheese and pine.

Why is it Called Lemon Cake?

One breath of this lemon pound cake strain will instantly make you realize where the name comes from. The sharp, fruity smell of Lemon Cake is very reminiscent of the peel of fresh lemon. Though it's very earthy, it has noticeably sweet aromas that give it the "cake" part of its name.

Keep in mind that this strain isn't quite as sugary tasting as many other cake-themed cannabis strains, though. Instead of being named after a freshly baked and frosted cake, this strain is named after the cake batter itself. It has a creamy, rich, almost eggy flavor that is reminiscent of the smell you get when whipping up a batch of lemon cake batter.

Lemon Cake Strain Popularity

This cannabis strain is mostly only popular among true cannabis connoisseurs. Word-of-mouth praise has encouraged more and more people to give this strain a try lately.

This increasing popularity has led to lots of opportunities for people to enjoy the Lemon Cake strain effects. You can find dried flower for your vaporizer, but many cannabis companies like to use Lemon Cake for concentrates. Its high THC content and complex flavor profile make it ideal for things like live rosin.

What is the Lemon Cake Strain Made Of?

Lemon Cake's heritage includes a complex blend of Aghani and Thai cannabis. Heavyweight Seeds created it by combining Lemon Skunk with a particularly high-THC variant of Cheese. Both of these plants contribute a lot to this unique blend.

Cheese is a hybrid cannabis strain known for having particularly high THC levels. In addition to the strong cannabinoid content, Cheese also gives Lemon Cake its earthy, creamy flavor notes. Meanwhile, Lemon Skunk is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that contributes invigorating mental effects and a fruity, lemony flavor.

What are Lemon Cake Strain Effects?

The Lemon Cake marijuana strain has a high amount of THC and tends to provide a Sativa-like feel. This typically results in a lot of different cerebral effects with less-frequent physical sensations. At the same time, the strain does have small amounts of CBD and CBG that may reduce stress or nervousness during your experience.

When you try this strain, you might notice that you feel energized, invigorated, or happy. For many users, Lemon Cake is a favorite daytime strain that perks them up. People say that this strain results in feelings of creativity and focus, and some, such as user S7 on Leafly, even report that they feel a sensation similar to drinking a strong cup of coffee.

Is Lemon Cake an Indica or Sativa?

Lemon Cake is an interesting strain that demonstrates all the fascinating variety within the cannabis family. Technically, it's a hybrid because its background includes both Sativa and Indica plants. However, its parentage includes a unique variant known for strong Sativa effects, and Lemon Cake is extremely Sativa-dominant.

The majority of people who try Lemon Cake agree that it feels almost entirely like a Sativa. It tends to be invigorating instead of making you sleepy, and it usually does not cause physical sensations such as heavy limbs.

Lemon Cake Growth Information

If you're considering growing Lemon Cake Sativa, there are a few things to know. For the most part, this plant is easy to grow. It doesn't have rigorous light or water requirements, and it produces large yields. However, keep in mind that it is on a photoperiod flowering cycle. You'll need to adjust light levels on a precise schedule if you want it to grow buds.

This plant usually is technically ready to harvest after 10 weeks, but letting it sit a little while longer tends to help concentrate flavors.[2] Lemon Cake tends to produce a short, compact plant with heavy leaf production. Dried buds are a pale green color with light, orange-yellow hairs.

Lemon Cake Strain Reviews

With a Leafly rating of 4.4 stars, Lemon Cake has broadly positive reviews. People repeatedly mention that they enjoy the energizing feel of this strain, and users on Leafly say it makes them feel bubbly and carefree without mental fog or couchlock. Many reviews also mention the intense flavor, which is compared to lemonade, lemon pound cake, or lemon cheesecake.

If these reviews have you interested, go ahead and give Lemon Cake a try. Its effects are a little different from the typical hybrid, so it can be an exciting strain to experiment with. Thanks to a pronounced, lemony flavor and subtle, dessert-like undertones, Lemon Cake is a tasty and enjoyable strain to vaporize.

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