Legion of Bloom's 10K Jack Pod

Jack Herer is one of the most famous cannabis strains of all time. And since it’s creation by Sensi Seeds in the mid 1990s, breeders and growers alike have sought after its genetics in a quest for the most unique expressions of its traits. Over time, one of the best Jack expressions the world ever found was the illustrious 10K Jack.

10K Jack’s history and genetics

Jack Herer is an old school, sativa-dominant hybrid whose genetics combine Haze with a cross of the Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk. 10K Jack is a phenotype of the original Jack Herer, which means it has the exact same lineage, but it expresses different characteristics. Picture cannabis like kittens: a litter of kittens can all come from the same parents, but still have unique appearances and personality traits. Jack Herer seeds are no different.

As the legend of 10K’s name goes, before an open market for strains existed due to legalization, there would be bidding wars for certain genetics that expressed unique aromas, flavors, effects, and experiences. It’s like any business, you want to have exclusive rights to the best product so all the consumers purchase from you. Because of this highly competitive-and illicit-genetics market, some people were willing to pay top dollar for certain strains. Rumor has it that a single cut of this Jack phenotype once sold for $10,000, and born was the name: 10K Jack. 

How 10K Jack grows, smells, and tastes

10K Jack tends to grow to a medium height with lots of side branching. It has long narrow leaves, like many sativas, and it produces medium-sized flowers that are light green with bright orange pistils. Put a nose to those flowers and you’ll detect unique flavor notes of jackfruit, pine cleaner, and citrus. The taste is much of the same.

“Jack Herer, in general, was kind of a game changer. It produced copious amounts of resin, a fruit-forward flavor, and as sativas go, it had a very short flowering time. It wasn’t one of these 9 or 10 week sativas, in 7 or 8 weeks, it was done, which is about standard these days,” says Legion of Bloom co-founder, and Marketing Director, Troy Meadows.

10K Jack is a THC-dominant strain with average THC percentages hovering between 17 and 22% for their flower, 80-90% THC for their Pax Era Pod. Its most prominent terpenes are: terpinolene; myrcene; beta-caryophyllene; limonene; and beta-pinene. “It’s the pinene; the limonene; the terpinolene, that’s what really gives this specific genetic that tropical fruit-forward flavor.”

Where can you buy 10K Jack?

If you’re looking to try 10K Jack these days, those genetics may be even harder to find in today’s legalized market than they were pre-legalization in the late 1990s, early 2000s. In fact, Legion of Bloom, which who is only available in California, may be the only producer; and considering they exclusively make concentrates, their 10K Jack PAX Era pod will be your best choice for trying this piece of cannabis history. 

“It’s our best-selling sativa in our strain-specific PAX (Era) pod line.” Meadows tells me.

Since 2015, Legion of Bloom has always focused on high quality cannabis terpene extraction. They’ve been able to pioneer, and perfect a solventless terpenes extraction process to capture the essence of specific cannabis strains. To create their 10K Jack PAX Era pod, Legion has grown 10K Jack, analyzed the 40-plus terpenes in the strain, then used all natural plant terpenes to produce that same terpene, and flavor profile in oil form. It enables Legion of Bloom to produce a consistent, high quality, high terpene extract, on a repetitive basis.

How to enjoy Legion of Bloom's 10K Jack pod

To get the best experience possible from Legion of Bloom’s 10K Jack PAX Era pods, consider the temperature. The lower your temperature, the more flavor you’ll get out of a pod; the higher the temperature, the more vapor you’ll get out of the pod; however, if you set the temperature too high, you’ll burn off those terpenes, and fall flat on flavor. 

Asked his favorite personal settings for the 10K Jack pod, Meadows says “For myself, it’s always been about when I lick my lips, am I still tasting that [flavor] on the palate? And that’s what you’re going to get from a low-temp experience. If I was setting it via the preset temperatures that PAX has, it was usually the second petal. I think it’s that sweet spot for a lot of concentrates.”

Legion of Bloom license number: CDPH-10002733
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