Leafwerx 9lb Hammer Pod

If you’re ever talking about hard-hitting indicas, then you should most definitely be mentioning 9LB hammer in the conversation. The legendary indica has been a fan favorite amongst cannabis connoisseurs since its birth. It’s delicious, it’s effective, and when it comes to the best modern expressions of it, few phenotypes are better than 9LB Hammer #6 by Leafwerx in Washington state. 

“It was one of the first strains we ever had. It’s been with us since Day 1. It’s still one of our top selling strains year in, year out. It didn’t get strain fatigue; it’s one of those strains that had a good following from the start,” says Leo Matz, Leafwerx’ Chief Operation Officer.

Nine Pound Hammer #6 history and genetics

Nine Pounder Hammer, also styled as 9LB Hammer and 9 Pound Hammer, is a indica-dominant hybrid that was bred in the Pacific Northwest by legendary cannabis breeder Jinxproof Genetics. To this day, it is his most famous creation. Leafwerx’ 9LB Hammer #6 is a rare, yet popular, phenotype of the world famous indica.

According to Leafly and Allbud, Jinxproof created 9LB Hammer by crossing three strains: Gooberry, Hell’s OG, and Jack the Ripper. Seedfinder’s database says that TGA Genetics was the distributor of 9LB Hammer until 2019. Regardless of where it came from, one thing is for sure: there’s some Kush genetics at work in this powerhouse of a strain.

How Nine Pound Hammer #6 grows, smells, and tastes

About their 9LB Hammer #6, the Leafwerx COO tells me that it normally grows tall and narrows versus the stout plant structure most commonly associated with indica strains. The flowers come flushed with green and purple leaves that are wrapped up in a trenchcoat of orange stigma. 

Leafwerx grows their 9LB Hammer #6 outside. It helps them bring forth the most natural expression of the plant. “It’s sustainable, it’s better for the environment, it's more natural to grow. We’re always working under the theory that the sun can provide elements that manufactured lights can’t. We have always been more passionate about outdoor, sungrown, full-term material,” says Leo Matz, Leafwerx’ Chief Operation Officer.

9LB Hammer traditionally has a heavy earthy flavor with some grape/berry notes on the back end. Leafwerx’ 9LB Hammer #6 has a really nice earthy flavor profile with some fruity overtones to it. Its terpene profile features Myrcene, Limonene, Caryophelene and Linalool.

Where can you buy Leafwerx’ Nine Pound Hammer #6 PAX Era pod?

It’s typically pretty hard to find the legacy cannabis strains like 9LB Hammer in the modern cannabis world of hybrids. It’s especially hard to find Leafwerx’ specific cut of 9LB Hammer #6. In fact, Leo and Marcus tell me they’re the only company with it. So if you want to experience this strain from a reputable company that really champions quality and user experience, you truly can’t go wrong with the Leafwerx 9LB Hammer PAX Era pod.

On making high quality extracts, Marcus Naramore, Leafwerx’ Director of Business Development. states “We put so much into this oil. We cultivate, we extract it, we have our hands in it from Day 1. To put in run of the mill hardware and just hope for the best, it doesn’t make any of that intentionally stand out. PAX [Era] pods carry on the intentionality, whether it be construction materials, it’s’ temperature settings, a consistent experience that really represents the oil like it should.”

How to enjoy Leafwerx’ Nine Pound Hammer #6 PAX Era pod

As always, to get the most out of any PAX Era pod, you’ve got to operate within the correct temperature range. For more flavor and smaller vapor clouds, use a lower temperature. For huge vapor puffs, use a higher temperature. On which temperature(s) specifically optimize their 9LB Hammer PAX Era pod, Matz says “We offer that strain in four oil platforms. We have a Refined, which is a full-spectrum; we have an Ultra Refined, which is a distillate; we have a Cured Resin and then a Live Resin. All the suggested temperatures are a little different, but they’re all really low.” That said, if you want to feel the best effects from Leafwerx’ PAX Era pod, operate in a range between 547 and 624 degrees Fahrenheit.

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