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If you like CBD, give our Lavender Haze live rosin pods a try. This unique cannabis variant has a flavorful, lavender aroma and extra-strong CBD levels. Its special blend of CBD, THC, and terpenes results in a tasty and enjoyable experience.

Lavender Haze Oil Extract

Lavender Haze is an Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that combines multiple classic flavors into one distinct variant. Produced by Soma Seeds, the plant has deep purple leaves. It contains THC-heavy G13 Haze and the fragrant Indica Lavender Kush. The blend of floral and herbal flavors creates a distinctive, lavender-like scent. As the name implies, users often report that this strain makes them feel "hazy." It's noticeable, but it's a little milder than stronger Haze variants like Purple Haze. Some Leafly reviews mention that Lavender Haze creates a relaxing, sleepy feel, while other users notice subtly energizing, cerebral effects.

The rich flavor and noticeable impact of Lavender Haze make it the ideal strain for a cannabis extract. Cannabis extracts and oils take all the helpful compounds found inside the plant and turn them into a liquid you can easily vaporize. When processed into cannabis oil or live rosin, the floral aroma of Lavender Haze adds a distinctive note to the cannabis concentrate. Haze Lavender oil is a convenient way to enjoy all that this unique cannabis variant has to offer. To vaporize it, all you need to do is connect your PAX® Era™ pods to your vaporizer and take a deep breath.

PAX Lavender Haze Live Rosin Pods

We create our custom Lavender Haze live rosin pods from a special Lavender Haze variant that also includes some Harle-Tsu genetics. The addition of Harle-Tsu adds extra CBD to the cannabis, so it creates an unusually CBD-heavy experience. In addition to the CBD, our rosin pods also ensure you still get all the fragrant, floral aromas and moderate THC levels of Lavender Haze.[3] Ultimately, this special cultivar has a balanced mix of THC and CBD that comes with a pleasant lavender scent.

Lavender Haze pods are created via PAX’s proprietary extraction process. We start with fresh, flash-frozen cannabis to lock in all the flavors, and then we use a solvent-free extraction method to remove cannabinoids and terpenes without adding any chemicals to the cannabis. The natural diamonds within the rosin ensure maximum potency and flavor. The end result is a fragrant, rich cannabis concentrate that you can add to your PAX Era or PAX Era Pro.

PAX live rosin Lavender Haze pods are available in both 0.5-gram and 1-gram sizes, and they're fully compatible with our entire line of Era vaporizers. Whatever size you get, the cannabis concentrate is 50% THC and 35% CBD. It contains a balanced spectrum of terpenes, including limonene and caryophyllene.

CBD & THC Characteristics

Lavender Haze stands out from most of PAX's other rosin pods because it has higher CBD and higher THC than normal. This special combination ensures that vaporizing Lavender Haze results in a unique experience.

CBD and THC are both types of cannabinoids. These are naturally occurring compounds that exist in all cannabis plants. THC binds to your brain's cannabinoid receptors, so it usually has a very noticeable impact. Depending on how you react to THC, you might feel relaxed, happy, energized, or even hungry.[6] Meanwhile, CBD doesn't bind to brain receptors, but it stimulates them. This means that it can encourage your brain to produce more serotonin, dopamine, and other neurotransmitters. For many people, CBD is less noticeable, but it may make them feel calm or relieved. CBD can also interact with the way your brain processes THC, resulting in slightly different effects.

Due to the blend of CBD and THC in our Lavender Haze pods, you can enjoy both THC and CBD at once. This balanced CBD/THC ratio creates a slightly different encounter. If you're used to more THC-heavy cannabis strains, you should certainly give CBD a try. Not only does it feel a little different, but it also enhances situations differently. Many novice users find it makes them feel relaxed and sleepy, but regular users often report that it makes them more talkative and creative. This means there are a lot of exciting ways to use Lavender Haze pods. Some of our customers like to unwind with Lavender Haze after a long day, while others enjoy it with a meal or a movie.

Lavender Haze Strain Flavors & Aromas

What flavors can you expect with our PAX Lavender Haze pod? The most noticeable aroma is the scent of lavender. The Lavender Haze strain has a smell very reminiscent of the classic herb. Despite being quite floral, this strain doesn't taste like potpourri. Instead, hints of sweetness and earthiness make it taste more like eating a fresh lavender leaf.

Depending on how sensitive your taste buds are, you might also notice some secondary flavor notes. Some people notice a little muskiness and skunkiness reminiscent of traditional cannabis. Others report hints of vanilla or pepper. For many people, the floral taste is stronger on the inhale, while the earthy and spicy flavors are more noticeable on the exhale.

Ultimately, this unique cannabis variant is a must-try strain. Not only does it provide pleasant CBD effects, but it also has a rich, lavender flavor. This pleasantly floral aroma enhances any vaporizing experience. To see how it tastes for yourself, use the PAX store locator to find a Lavender Haze pod retailer near you.

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