Jetty Extracts' Lionheart Pod

One of the best parts of cannabis is the extremely unique flavor profiles that can come from different genetics. That’s because different terpene combos can lead to different effects and experiences. The Lionheart PAX ERA pod by California’s Jetty Extracts perfectly captures that.

“Lionheart is probably the most interesting terp profile of any strain that we’ve probably done in a while,” says Nate Ferguson, co-founder of the highly-lauded extracts company.

Lionheart history and genetics

Nate tells me that Lionheart has a few different anecdotes about its origin. The most common is that it was bred in Jamaica as a cross between an old African landrace strain and a random United States strain named US Sativa #14. The result produced Lionheart, a pure sativa strain. 

Lionheart’s original breeder is unknown for certain; however, many online databases like Seedfinder and CannaSOS attribute its creation to Canada’s Almighty Seeds.

How Lionheart grows, smells, and tastes

How a plant grows, smells, and tastes, depends largely on who grew it and under what environment. For Jetty Extracts’ Lionheart PAX ERA pod, they start by growing the strain as full-sun outdoor flower. Growing with the sun allows plants to produce their most natural terpene profile i.e. they’ll be extremely aromatic and flavorful.

Lionheart’s terpene profile is driven by beta-caryophyllene, terpinolene, and linalool, amongst others. The combination brings forth a peppery, spicy flavor, reminiscent of many African native strains, like Durban Poison.

“A lot of African strains have a spicy note, I'm not sure if it's terpinolene, linalool, or what it is. [Lionheart] kind of hits your palate like nothing else. Everyone is used to getting a gassy [OG Kush] flavor or a citrusy [Jack Herer], lemon type flavor. And predominantly we see high myrcene strains,” says Ferguson about how Lionheart’s smell, taste, and terpenes differ from what is most commonly available on dispensary shelves.

Where can you buy Lionheart?

If you’re looking for Lionheart flower or dabs, you’re sure to have a difficult time finding them. The strain is very rare, and in knowing that, your best bet for experiencing its peppery terps is Jetty Extracts’ Lionheart PAX ERA pod. 

Jetty chose to partner with PAX because of their excellent hardware, and the simple fact that its hardware is one of the first meant specifically for consuming cannabis. “We really like the convenience of vape technology, but it never worked great; it never tasted great; it was always cut with something. We wanted to make a really good oil that tasted like the plant, essentially.”

How to enjoy the Lionheart PAX Era Pod

With most concentrates, low and slow is the way to go if you want to get the most flavor out of your PAX ERA pod. Setting the temperature higher will increase vapor, however you may sacrifice a bit of taste to be puffing big smoke. This is especially true when vaping Jetty Extracts’ live resin PAX ERA pods.

“You want to go a little bit [lower temperature] with most of the live resins. Lionheart is one of the ones you don’t want to lose that terp profile. So we’d rather shoot for a [lower temperature] and really have a full flavor versus a big cloud. We always go for flavor first,” Ferguson tells me when discussing how to optimize the Lionheart Jetty Extracts PAX Era pod experience.

License Number: CDPH-10002243

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