Jar Co's Wedding Cake Pod

If you’re consuming cannabis anywhere in the United States then you definitely know the name Wedding Cake. It’s a new age hybrid that has swept the game by storm, in the same manner as legendary hybrids like OG Kush and GSC. Because of that, it’s highly sought after in any state that has legal medical or recreational cannabis; and Jar Cannabis Co., out of Portland, Maine, just so happens to produce an amazing Wedding Cake PAX Era pod for everyone chasing one of the world’s most popular cannabis strains.

“We’ve always noticed whatever’s popular out West, it typically takes a year or two to get popular out here. When we have it available, [Wedding Cake] consistently outsells a lot of the other strains. When I run my report about what strains are selling the best, the Wedding Cake is pretty consistently near the top, if not on the top,” says Joel Pelpin, part-owner of Jar Co.

Wedding Cake’s history and genetics

At this point, “What is Wedding Cake” is becoming an age-old debate.

Legendary breeder Seed Junky Genetics says Wedding Cake, sometimes called Pink Cookies, is a phenotype of Triangle Mints, while legendary cultivators the Jungle Boys (who popularized the strain) say it’s a cross of Cherry Pie and GSC. Leafly currently lists the strain as a cross between Cherry Pie and GSC; Weedmaps and Wikileaf list the strain as a phenotype of Triangle Mints (Triangle Kush x Animal Mints). Pelpin says their cut is of the Cherry Pie lineage. You decide.

How Wedding Cake grows, smells, and tastes

Wedding Cake is an indica-dominant hybrid. It typically grows short-to-medium in height and produces thick, dense buds. Flowers are expected to have an assortment of dark green and light green colors, wrapped in amber-colored pistil, ultimately giving the nugs a somewhat goldish-brown tint. When properly grown, trichomes and resin absolutely cover the buds, making Wedding Cake an excellent hash strain too. 

The nickname Wedding Cake was originally given to the hybrid by the Jungle Boys because of its sparkling resin and vanilla cake frosting aroma. However, with the wide variety of Wedding Cake phenotypes that exist, the strain can truly look, smell, and taste many different ways.

Traditionally, the Wedding Cake terpene profile is expected to smell sweet and earthy, with nutty and vanilla accents. Jungle Boys say the strain’s profile is sour and tangy with a hint of creaminess. As a live resin concentrate and PAX Era pod, Jar Co.’s Wedding Cake tastes slightly fruity. 

“We’re doing live resin pods and then distillate pods with terpenes [added] back. My personal preference is the live resin, it just tastes and smells the closest to actually enjoying a joint. It’s got a real sort of fruity taste. With the live resin, you’re smelling and enjoying the real flower, ya know?,” says the company’s co-owner.

Where can you buy Wedding Cake?

You can buy Wedding Cake products in plenty of places, but the question is will it be high quality? It’s a question that you’ll never have to worry about when your Wedding Cake is from Jar Co.’s PAX Era pod.

“The Wedding Cake has been one that is a hybrid that people are into. Typically, it seems like the flavor and effects in a PAX Era pod is something that patients love,” says Pelpin.

How to enjoy Jar Co's Wedding Cake pod

Consuming Wedding Cake via PAX Era pods truly allows you to dial in the experience you love. It has temperature control, and the pods even come with preset temperature that optimize the pod straight out of the gate. 

I think the PAX platform allows people to tune in the temperature they enjoy the most. If you’re into more of the flavor of it, you have the control of dialing that temperature right down and enjoying the terpenes that come from [Wedding Cake].” 

The higher you set the temperature, the more vapor you will get, but at the expense of the terpenes. Be mindful of temperature, and you’ll be able to find a Wedding Cake experience that you absolutely love.

License number: CGR25054

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