Caliva's Alien OG Pod

If you’re looking to vape some of the best cannabis in California, then Caliva’s Alien OG PAX Era pod might be exactly what the doctor ordered. At least, that’s what the data says. Consistently, the brand’s flower is atop the list of best-selling cannabis flower, so it’s easy to see why their PAX Era pods made from fresh flower and single-source terpenes might be some of the best Alien OG oil out there.

Caliva’s Marketing Manager, Devin Cardoza, tells me “If you go on Headset, in their reports for California, Caliva’s Alien OG will consistently [be or around] the #1 selling flower in California. I think it’s a testament to our refinement of that strain and it delivering what people are looking for.”

Alien OG history and genetics

Alien OG is an indica-dominant cross of Tahoe OG and Alien Kush. It was bred in the Bay Area by California breeder ObSol33te and is still available in seed form from West Coast seed bank Cali Connection. The strain is known to have a mix of citrus and piney flavor, typical of strains with that dank OG Kush in its lineage. It is high potency, often testing over 20% THC, and has been a Caliva staple for a long time.

“Typically we have an indica, a sativa, and hybrid that we own, and make sure that we can keep on our menus all the time. Alien OG has been a staple for Caliva for a long time. I actually feel at this point it’s one of the primary associations people have with Caliva,” Cardoza says on how Caliva chooses strains to work with. 

How Alien OG grows, smells, and tastes

Caliva’s Alien OG is grown indoors and has the typical short bushiness of indica cannabis plants. The aroma on the plant is known for being earthy, piney, and lemony. The buds are compact and dense like little Christmas trees and usually appear light green with orange hairs and a super thick coat of trichomes.

That citrusy pine aromas that emit from Alien OG flower is a result of Alien OG’s terpene profile. On the specific terpenes that Caliva has seen from their Alien OG, Cardoza says “Myrcene is leading the dance, but limonene is right after that, caryophyllene, and pinene. Those are the top four in that order, and you definitely smell citrus and pine on the nose. It’s clear in the terpene profile.”

Where can you buy Caliva’s Alien OG PAX Era pod?

What makes Caliva’s Alien OG special is that the entire production process is done in-house, so they’ve had the time to master it. It’s a consistent experience and because of that, consumers who prefer vaporizing their cannabis to smoking and dabbing it can trust that their Alien OG experience will be a high quality one. Especially when consumed with a PAX Era device. 

“I think PAX’s technology is a superior technology, and they’re delivering a super quality product to consumers. When you look at the fresh flower vapes, and the formula is 100% cannabis, and we’re extracting single source terpenes straight from Caliva’s Alien OG, we want you to be able to taste and experience those in the best way you possibly can. PAX delivers on that front.”

Cardoza’s Alien OG PAX Era pods are consistently available throughout California.

License number: C12-0000216-LIC

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