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If you love energizing Sativa effects and fruity blueberry aromas, our Blue Dream live rosin is an excellent choice. This award-winning cannabis concentrate combines the best of both worlds. Not only does it taste fantastic, but it also offers a full range of cannabinoids and terpenes. To see if Blue Dream live rosin is right for you, here are a few things you should know.

Blue Dream Oil Extract

Blue Dream is one of the most famous West Coast cannabis strains. Created from a blend of Haze OG and DJ Short Blueberry cannabis, Blue Dream gets its name from its blueberry-like aroma. People who vaporize this cannabis often report sweet, fruity flavors balanced with some light herbal and earthy scents. The blueberry flavor in Blue Dream is very pronounced, so you can typically get strong blasts of flavor however you consume it.

How do we turn Blue Dream cannabis into a product you can vaporize? While dry herb vaporizers do exist, many people enjoy using oil vaporizers instead. These vaporizers use a concentrated form of cannabis oil. Blue Dream oil extract turns the sticky, cannabinoid-rich trichomes on the plant into a potent liquid. When concentrated in liquid form, the THC levels in this cannabis can be quite high. Our Blue Dream cannabis concentrate has THC levels of roughly 92%.

Using Blue Dream concentrates results in a unique experience. This iconic cannabis has a hybrid parentage, but its effects are fairly Sativa-dominant. Blue Dream is an energizing, uplifting cannabis that often sparks creativity and motivation in users. People frequently find that it's a nice choice for going on a walk, getting some work done around the house, or chatting with friends. The only Indica effects that most users report is some happiness and pleasant, full-body tingling.

PAX Blue Dream Live Rosin Pods

Our live rosin pods bring out the best of the Blue Dream cannabis strain. Unlike other forms of oil extracts, we make live rosin from freshly picked cannabis. As soon as we harvest the cannabis, we flash-freeze it to ensure that none of the delicate, flavor-rich terpenes break down. Then we process it by using a proprietary system that exposes the cannabis to high heat and pressure. Since we don't use any solvents, PAX live rosin is entirely chemical-free. Our pods contain nothing but pure, natural cannabis in its most concentrated form.

With PAX live rosin pods, you can enjoy fresh, delicious Blue Dream cannabis straight from your vaporizer. Our Blue Dream pods work with PAX Eras and PAX Era Pros. They're available in both 0.5-gram and 1-gram sizes, so you can easily pick the perfect size for your needs. Once you slot the rosin cartridge into place, you can pick your enjoyed temperature and start vaporizing. Each puff brings a rich cloud of tasty, blueberry-scented cannabis straight to you.

When people try our live rosin pods, the flavor is one of the first things they notice. Since the live rosin process preserves so many terpenes, you get the full range of Blue Dream tastes. Many people report a blast of blueberry flavor followed by subtle, secondary flavors of cream, mango, and spice. The blueberry aroma leans more towards the earthy, spicy side, but there are still hints of sweetness. Because this strain is so Sativa-dominant, most users feel very invigorated after vaporizing it. Depending on their tolerance and how much they take, some people can end up feeling extremely giggly, hyper, and extroverted.

Blue Dream Is the People's Choice

With its delicious blueberry flavor and intense Sativa effects, it's no surprise that this strain has received a lot of positive press. We're extremely pleased to announce that we've received a first-place award in the High Times Cannabis Cup 2022. The High Times Cannabis Cup SoCal: People's Choice Edition is a great chance for consumers and experts to join together and celebrate the best of the best. They analyze a variety of Southern California cannabis products to determine which ones are universal classics.

In 2022, PAX's Blue Dream live rosin pods won first place in the Vape Pens & Cartridges category. This category takes a look at all the various types of oils, extracts, and other concentrates meant for vaporizer usage. Though there were a lot of other fantastic products on the market, the judges found that there were a few things that made our live rosin pods stand out. We were the people's choice for the following reasons.

  • Standout flavor with every puff
  • Fast and easy to use with your PAX vaporizer
  • Enjoyable combination of sweet and earthy flavors
  • Intense THC content of 92%
  • Equally popular with novices and experts
  • Pleasantly uplifting Sativa sensations
  • Inclusion of myrcene, pinene, and other flavors

Are you curious about what award-winning cannabis tastes like? PAX's Blue Dream live rosin pods are an excellent opportunity to find out. To experience this delicious, blueberry-scented Sativa for yourself, use the PAX store locator to find a retailer near you. In no time at all, you can be enjoying Blue Dream live rosin in your PAX Era.

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