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Vaporizers allow consumers to vaporize a variety of materials, including cannabis. Vaporizing cannabis flower and concentrates is an increasingly-popular consumption method, especially as more states legalize cannabis products for medical and adult use.

Whether you prefer vaporizing cannabis flower, cannabis concentrates, or both, the vaporizer you choose could have a significant impact on the quality of your vape experience. This guide will introduce you to the basic of vaping cannabis, the vape devices best suited for it, and what to expect when you vaporize cannabis materials.

What is a vaporizer?

A vaporizer is an electronic device used to heat materials to their boiling point, turning them into vapor which can then be inhaled. Vaporizers make for a smooth, enjoyable experience that gives you full control over your session. Based on the settings you select, you can influence the flavor of your vapor and your overall experience.

Selecting a cannabis vaporizer starts with understanding the different types of vaporizers available, what they can do, and the type of session you would like to experience. Once you have an idea of these factors, you can begin vaping.

Different types of vaporizers

Vaporizers come in many different shapes and sizes. Each is better suited to different purposes: some are ideal for vaporizing dry herb material, while others prioritize vaporizing concentrates, like oils or waxes. Some vaporizers work with both types of materials. There are highly-portable vaporizers that are easy to bring with you on the go, while others are more powerful and designed to stay in one place.

When vaping cannabis, it's important to realize that the type of vaporizer you select will have a profound influence on your session. For example, using a desktop vaporizer means you will likely be sitting at home throughout your sessions. On the other hand, a portable vaporizer or vape pen provides more flexibility. Let's examine some of the different kinds of vaporizers available to you.

In each of these categories, the specific functionality of each model of vaporizer can vary quite a bit. For instance, not all portable vaporizers can handle both dry herb and concentrate materials. For consumers that only intend to vaporize cannabis flower, for example, a dry herb vaporizer will do the job. For those that want to be able to switch between flower and concentrate on the fly, however, it's important to select a vaporizer that can do it all, like the PAX 3.

Which cannabis products can be used with a vaporizer?

There are two major types of cannabis material available for vaporizing: flower and concentrate. Flower is the dry herb material produced by the cannabis plant, while concentrates are extracts obtained through additional processes after harvesting. Each creates its own kind of experience, and certain vaporizers are suited for one or the other. Some vaporizers can use both.

  • Cannabis flower: Cannabis flower is plant material in its dried, cured form. Cannabis flower is simply dry herb, so vaporizers that accept dry herb can be used with cannabis flower.
  • Cannabis concentrates: Concentrates include oils and waxes. Concentrates tend to have more pronounced levels of certain compounds than cannabis flower. Each type of concentrate could require a different loading and cleaning process, depending on the type of vaporizer you use.

It's important to know which materials you plan on using. If you'd like to be able to switch between cannabis flower and cannabis concentrates, then you'll need to select a vaporizer that can accept both dry herb and concentrate material. When it comes to concentrates, oils and waxes are among the most popular cannabis materials that people vaporize. Some vaporizers include concentrate inserts that support the use of oils and waxes. Each vaporizer could require a different loading and cleaning process depending on the vaporizer you select, so be sure to consult your device owner's manual before and after your session.

How to vaporize cannabis

Once you've selected your vaporizer and your material, you're ready to vaporize cannabis. Load your material as recommended in your device owner's manual. For cannabis flower and dry herb material, grind the material finely and load it into the chamber or oven. Be careful not to overpack the chamber; vaporizers need air flow in order to function properly. Cannabis concentrates often require the use of a concentrate insert or pad, which can be added to the chamber prior to loading.

Once your material is loaded, select your desired temperature setting and allow your vaporizer to heat up. Most vapes can fully heat in less than one minute. As the vaporizer heats up, the compounds in your material will reach their boiling point and produce vapor, which can be inhaled throughout the session. Once you are done with your session, be sure to clean your vaporizer as recommended and store the vaporizer properly.

A cannabis vaporizer for every consumer

Vaporizers have come a long way in recent years, and now there truly is a cannabis vaporizer for every consumer. Whether you want to vape cannabis material at home or on the go, there's a device which supports your needs.

If you'd like to vaporize dry herb and concentrates alike, there is a wide range of vapes on the market that can do both, like the PAX 3. Selecting a vaporizer that has a variety of temperature settings, such as the PAX 2, gives you even greater control, allowing you to tailor your experience to suit your personal preference. Wherever cannabis is legal for consumption, vaporizers have become a favored method of delivery. With such an unprecedented level of control and customizability, it's no surprise why. Whether you prefer cannabis flower, oil, or wax, there's a vaporizer out there for you!

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